11 Meanings of the Name ‘Abhinandan’ (अभिनन्दन)

Abhinandan अभिनन्दन अभिनंदन

The entire nation celebrated IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s return to the country. The Indian pilot had been in the custody of the Pakistan Army after he bravely shot down the advanced Pakistani fighter plane F16 with his MiG21. While some peaceniks in India were gone gaga over Imran Khan for his ‘goodwill gesture’ to send back Abhinandan Varthaman, patriot Indians will like to celebrate the real hero’s valor by naming their kids after him.

Today I would like to enlist the meanings of the beautiful name ‘Abhinandan’ (‘Abhinandana’, अभिनन्दन). While most Hindi speakers use the word in the sense of an activity or an abstract noun, the word is used as a common noun also in Sanskrit.

Meanings of ‘Abhinandana’ as an activity/abstract noun (अभिनन्द्यते इति अभिनन्दनम्)
1) satisfaction (सन्तोषे)
2) praise (प्रशंसा)
3) bliss (आनन्द)
4) encouragement (प्रोत्साहन)
5) desire (इच्छा)
6) a prayer or request (प्रार्थना)

This book by Nityanand Misra, The OM Mala’ is about just one word-OM. OM is one of the shortest Sanskrit words, and yet is perhaps the most powerful one. The OM Mala gives 84 names of OM from Sanskrit texts and explains their meanings in 109 sections or beads. Click here to buy this amazing book.

Meanings of ‘Abhinandana’ as a common noun (अभिनन्दयति इति अभिनन्दनः/अभितः नन्दयति इति अभिनन्दनः)

1) “one who gladdens [others] in all ways/entirely”
2) “one who gladdens [others] by being near/present”
3) “one who satisfies [others] ”
4) “one who praises [others]”
5) “one who encourages [others]”

Finally, just like the word ‘abhinanda’ which as exocentric compound (बहुव्रीहि समास) means “that in which there is all-round bliss” (अभितो नन्दो यत्र), i.e. the Brahman(ब्रह्म), the word ‘Abhinandana’ also means “the Brahman” (अभितो नन्दनं यत्र).

‘Abhinandana’ is also the name of the fourth Jain ‘tirthankara’.

Abhinandan’ is a great choice for naming a boy: it is a pure Sanskrit word, it has many positive meanings, and it is the name of a valiant hero of Bharata.

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Nityānanda Miśra is a renowned author based in Mumbai. Born in Lucknow, Misra is an MBA from IIM Bangalore. He writes on Indian literature, arts, and music. His famous books are KumbhaThe Om Mala(English & Hindi), and Mahaviri. He has edited and authored eleven books in Sanskrit, Hindi, and English.

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