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Savarkar on the Rohingya Crisis

Be it Muslim infiltration in Asam, warning against suicidal Gandhian non-violence and Muslim appeasement, encouragement to the militarization of the country, warning against Chinese infiltration or the need of nuclear bomb and the perennial threat of Pakistan, every prophecy of Veer Savarkar came true.

Here’s what he said about Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar:

veer savarkar

“A couple of years ago I had issued a statement warning the Burmese that there was growing rapidly a hybrid Moslem population in Burma which would in the near future constitute a similar danger to the homogeneity of the Burmese people, as it did in the case of India. The Moslems used to marry Burmese girls in large numbers for at least a century in the past and were very particular in bringing up their progeny as Moslems, while no Moslem would, as a rule, give his girl in marriage to a Burmese.

The easy-go-lucky Burmese hardly suspected political danger out of such designed social relations. But soon after that, the Burma-Moslem riots miscalled as the Indo-Burmese riots started. The Moslems paid a heavy price for their mischief and the eyes of the Burmese got opened. “

 – Veer Savarkar25-09-1942

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