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Virag Dhulia goes candid on the ‘Chess Without A Queen’

    Chess without a queen

    ”When Rishabh Tanwar returns to Lucknow after completing his MBA in London, he gets kidnapped during the elections. Post elections, Uttar Pradesh prepares to welcome the youngest CM of India. However, shortly after commencing office, the CM is booked for a crime he didn’t commit.
    The needle of suspicion points to a retired judge who has scores to settle with the CM.
    What follows is an excruciating journey for the accused CM to save not only his skin but also the newly elected government that is in tatters with its CM in the dock.”

    Chess Without a Queen, the latest novel of renowned social activist, film maker and author Virag Dhulia is unique of its kind. Based on the present political and social scenario, it deals with the kind of discrimination based on gender which is deliberately ignored.  Here, in this video he goes candid and answers the questions  readers are most likely to ask.

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