This is how Chaiwala and Cancer Surgeon started to fight

They were known as two close frineds, then the poster boys of Gujrat Hindutva Cader. One was renowned Cancer surgeon and another was Chaiwala. They both dedicated their youth for the Cause of Hindutva. During 80’s they were hawkish towards secularism, totally against secular ideology. Doctor was kind of aggressive and intellectual personality. Chaiwala was ordinary Pracharak. Sangh wanted both to grow. Then on a sudden day of 1984 Chaiwala was inducted into BJP. Even after that Cancer Surgeon always rode the bike with Chaiwala as pillion. They remained good friends till The Chaiwala got the taste of political power.

The duo executed plans in well phased manner. This successful execution led BJP to power in 1995. Keshubhai Patel became Chief Minister. Cancer surgeon and Chaiwala remained in core committee of BJP. Cancer surgeon had better say in government that that of Chaiwala. Later when Shankar Singh Waghela imprisoned Dr. Togadia, it was Modi who took the streets in support. Later when Dr. Togadia gained consideratble power in state BJP, Modi was with Delhi BJP.

Dr. Togadia was one of the few leader who had a say in decisions of L. K. Advani. Dr. Togadia agreed to the change and got his close ally Gordhan Zadaphia as Home Minister in Modi Cabinet. During this time Dr. Togadia enjoyed power to post police officers as his wish.

Things got changed when Modi won the election. Modi immediately dropped Zadaphia from cabinet and close aides of Dr. Tagadia were booked for political cases. The relationship between Dr. Togadia and Modi was spoiled when Modi, under the Supreme Court pressure, opened up 2002 Riot cases. Many BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal workers were arrested. On the instructions of Modi, VHP workers, who were protesting against Advani, were beaten up by Police in Ahmedabad. The Government also demolished nearly 300 temples in Gandhinagar, which provoked VHP Leader Ashok Singhal to compare Modi with Gazji.

Later, Modi and Singhal patched up. Dr. Togadia remained away from Modi. In recent years, Dr. Togadia remained in VHP as Working President. He kept doing social work along with the propaganda of Hindutva Ideology. On other End Modi Enjoyed power in politics. Now he got everything under his say and we see Dr. Togadia is being thretened.

Incidence with Dr. Togadia remembers me of Political Murder of BJP leader Haren Pandya. Dr. Togadia has got Z+ security. Since last few days cases against Dr. Togadia are being re-opened. It all gives me a sense that Modi has to everything to settle his scores with Dr. Togadia.

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