Don’t you trust ( vishwas) in me? “No , Our Vishwas died in Panipat.

“Two pearls have been dissolved, 27 gold coins have been lost and of the silver and copper the total cannot be cast up”-
Message to Peshwa Nanasaheb after the 3rd Battle of Panipat

On the 3rd Battle of Panipat .
Someone was asking me a bit about it Just Now ,So I am rewriting ( in brief ).


There’s a popular marathi retort till date …if someone untrustworthy tells you ” Don’t you trust ( vishwas) in me ?
The Maharashtrian guy replies : “No , Our Vishwas died in Panipat.

(this is a sort of innuendo–it refers to both Vishwas ( trust ) and the 20 yr old Peshwa general -Vishwasrao who was killed by a stray cannon shell to his head at the height of the Battle ..and is commonly believed that till his death , the battle hung in maratha favour )
Volumes have been written on this battle .This is supposed to be the most landmark battle of medieaval India. If the result was different…Most probably , there would have been no East India rule and we would have been a hindu rashtra today

There were two major impending foreign powers then , The Afghans in North India and the East India company
The Plan was –after throwing out the afghans in North India ,
( The two pearls )Sadashivrao Bhau and Vishwasrao were given orders to march to bengal to uproot the east India company which had laid roots there .

….but destiny of India had other plans

(Shonan Talpade)

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