Lipstick Under My Burkha: Implicit Feminist Propaganda


Those who judge people by the language  can stay away. Also, those who think adarsh Bharatiya naari should not talk about sex can stay away.
I am aghast by the feminist bashing of men. I know they are not satisfied by 498a, DV, CRPC 125, biased divorce laws, child support, biased rape laws , biased child custody laws. In the pipeline, they have more against men . Marital Rape is one of the most awaited things for them. I saw some of the posts saying people laughed at the marital rape scenes of #LipstickundermyBurkha . The marital rape scene was like this, “the man rapes his wife every night ( that is the only thing he do ). He comes home did not say anything eats food, shout on kids , spreads his wife’s legs and inserts .”
Now, this scene wants us to believe that it can actually happen. No kissing, no cuddling just the sex …..
1. Alright, technically how can he do that if a woman is not ready ? ( especially wife)
2. Why is he doing if he is not getting pleasure out of it ?
3. Why the woman never says No strongly, just keep making the face of a poor helpless woman?
4, Is condom the only thing which is used for contraceptive? Husband is blamed for getting her pregnant all the time.
5. Is sexual urge is only for the husband ?
6. How can you prove who raped whom inside four walls? The wife can force too, isn’t it?
7. A man does so much forcefully in a marriage why it is not considered Rape? ( mental. Legal, financial, emotional )
8. Why cheating by the character Leela is not criticized, the only thing this female was interested is SEX that too from fiancee and ex-boyfriend simultaneously.When Shireen’s ( Konkana Sen ) husband demands, it becomes marital rape when Leela demands it is her sexual freedom, what a definition of equality …
9. If a man does not do it he is impotent, if a man does it every night he is a rapist?
10 . If men are so thirsty who are these women who keep cribbing about not getting enough sex from their husbands and they fantasize and trap young boys?

They want us to believe –
1. Men are emotionless creatures
2. The only thing they see in their partner is the HOLE
3. Coercive sex is Rape
4. The way they gave rapist image in our minds, Shakti kapoor groping heroine and heroine crying for help they want the same image for marital rape. Our minds will be so blocked soon that we will not be able to question Rape.
5 . Kids are only brought up by mothers, father’s role is to rape the mother. In fact kids are born out of rape .
6. Marital rape is real and every husband should be scared of having sex with his wife.
Remember, we are the land of Kamasutra so this should be discussed openly and before they make another law to criminalize coercive sex for men, they should be questioned on logics. They are trying to make a ground for the new law, oppose it without abuses and proper logics.

Jyoti Tiwari (Social Activist, author of ‘Anurag’)

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