Sambhaji: One of the most misrepresented heroes of Indian history.

Sambhaji – son of Shivaji Maharaj – is one of the most misrepresented heroes of Indian history. Thanks to our tolerance to history created by British and communists, a great legend has been reduced to a loose character through fake allegations.

Reality is that Sambhaji must be the icon of modern youth. He was captured by Aurangzeb and tortured for 15 days by plucking one part of the body every day. (Exactly like Saurabh Kalia was killed by Pakistani army during Kargil War)

Each day Aurangzeb would ask him to convert. And he would sing Shiv Mahima. When Aurangzeb abused Hinduism, Sambhaji showed him the true mirror of Jihadi’s faith. When Aurangzeb taunted how Mughals keep Hindu women in the harem, he replied, “I will not leave Hindu Dharma even if your daughter sleeps with me.” Hearing this, Aurangzeb had him killed by piercing him with Bagh Nakh slowly.

The Dharmveer gave his life but gave rise to a revolution that reduced Mughal emperors to beggars within next few decades.

Shame that we had an Aurangzeb Road in Delhi and still have Akbar Road, Babar Road, Jahangir Road, Shah Jahan Road – named after greatest rapists and murderers of human civilization. But there is no Sambhaji Road in the capital of free India. Shame.

 – Shri Sanjeev Newar

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