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The Dark Side of #MeToo

Me Too

Much has been said about this with 24*7 pounding on media, feminists  hail it as change of narratives and people are falling into this trap. In all this hullabaloo, no one seems to have time for analyzing other aspects of this so called movement except for what is being presented from feminist perspective.  Here we are trying to present the other side of this #MeToo which you must mull over before making any conclusion about this farce.

This #MeToo is only about women’s narratives of consent . Its not about act was forced or otherwise but what woman thinks at that time and now about it . So a brawl after consensual sex = rape.

These women are simply not not real victims of sexual perversion.  Sitting in AC room and tagging posts of Facebook and Twitter claiming they are harassed is a benevolent victim cry which gives them extra dose for 3 minutes to fame . Remember no one files FIR , they just rant on media and internet .

Men approach women, i.e. beautiful women , this triggers feminists since beauty or youthfulness sole factor here . Just see examples , most women filed #meToo are average looking or passed their prime and from the fields where they are notorious for using sex to climb the ladder of success . #meToo happens after men dump them for better choice . Men ruling industry with many young girls , triggers old passy actresses .

USING NAMING / SHAMING AND DENYING THEM JOBS EQUALS MEDIA LYNCHING , and equals hooliganism . They talk basic rights and equality , but do not pay heed over men getting fired or shamed just by whims and fancies of woman , this shows how well oiled this #meToo movement is and how they create mob frenzy .

CONSENT cannot die over the time , and its not perishable . So act after years must not be subjected to purview of consent . Its like looking at mirror and expecting you never existed years back . What was good enjoyable act cannot be dragged out from closet after years to verify authenticity of it . Its searching for grannies belongings in the attic, and wondering granny existed or not !!

RAPE is not default in every circumstance . A bad touch is not relevant in a cozy item number ( Nana Patekar case ), since situation itself warrants such touches, as they have option of not doing it, they cant cry foul later. In a cozy incident if man gets aroused its natural , unless he is castrated or used some hormone suppressing medicines .

This #METOO doing grave injustice to some women and diluting real rape case victims ( who actually file criminal cases) , this candid blaming circus for vested benefits by privileged women is a joke .

I personally feel no sympathy for most of men trapped. remember most are feminists, #c*cks , manginas who once mocked men rights and anti feminism, and some are gynocentric ( alok nath ) , respectWomenbrigade , this fall ensures such myth is busted and opens flood gates of evil side

This trend is to cu*kify men and generation to follow,  spread awareness and expose #meToo and their sponsors, so as people may come to know their reality.

(Views expressed are author’s own.)

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