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‘Twitter India’ must be shown its place

Twitter India

Twitter India, which has built a track record of unreasonably shutting down the Hindu voices, being more proactive in removing the posts which include ‘abuses’ for the leftists and their allies, and shadow banning prominent handles, has declined to appear before the parliamentary committee for a hearing. Although it’s not clear regarding what was the purpose of the summon, the way Twitter has declined the request is something which shouldn’t go well with the Indian authorities.

Compared to global market, India is still a not significant market for Twitter India and the revenue in FY18 had also decreased by 30%, well below even the ₹50 crores mark. Why Twitter has shown such audacity to decline the offer is related to its low revenue from India. However, the another more important issue is the attitude of corporations like Google and Twitter towards the government of democratic countries vis-a-vis authoritarian government. For example, Google tried its best to conform with the Chinese censorship and the dictates of Chinese government for around 4 years before exiting from China in 2010. That’s not the end of story though. Considering that China is going to be probably the biggest market in coming years, it’s likely that Google will return to China this year with its services which will be consistent with the Chinese censorship law. At the end of the day, it’s the profit which matters for a corporate firm which isn’t a bad thing though.

The experience of China only teaches us that Indian government needs to go after Twitter to make it bend its back and provide a neutral platform to its users in India. In all the likelihood, Twitter will fall on its knees and accept the regulations imposed on it by the government. An organization whose CEO holds a placard saying ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’ can’t take refuge under the freedom of a corporate to operate independently as it has reduced itself to a platform which targets a selected group of users.

Although I’m a free market proponent, but the way corporations have been behaving lately, it only confirms my apprehension that in the absence of strong ideological grounding, free market economy is the path towards degeneracy. Leftists and feminists have infiltrated through the entire corporate structure through HR departments and almost all the corporations essentially toe the line of leftists’ social vision ranging from discrimination against men in recruitment to taking the proactive approach of building gender neutral toilets in its offices after Supreme Court decision on Section 377. Recently, Qualcomm had hired only women from DAIICT as women are great techies in the worldview of HR managers of Qualcomm. As the top echelons are utterly ignorant of social realities, they rely on HR departments to formulate and implement these policies. In such times, it has become essential to stop corporations from practicing discrimination against certain groups under the facade of diversity and inclusion.

Another issue related to this, but not much discussed is the amendments proposed by the government in Section 79 of IT Act. The government wants the intermediary platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc to play more proactive role in anticipating and removing illegal contents from their platforms. The consequence of this will be more censorship by the social media platforms and if the upcoming government will be of different party, it’s the Hindu voices which will ultimately suffer more. The present government needs to be clear headed about its policy but for now, Twitter India must be shown its place

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