This is why two schools of Indian Feminism are against each other

This is why two schools of Indian Feminism

I started as an activist so I cannot deny that activism pops up in me from time to time. We keep on discussing what is happening in the gender world and why and who is influencing whom. In my quest of giving voice to men, I met many types of feminist men and women both. And recently by a fellow activist, Virag Dhulia was invited by the national commission of women to discuss prenuptial agreements. So, the observation and inference drawn about feminists have come by these experiences. I have participated in many media debates with feminists and they all have lost a debate with me. One thing is very clear the whole feminist wave is coming from the west, a society which has already lost the battle with the family system, values, and morals. These all Indian feminists are highly impressed by the broken society of west. The whole west today is struggling with teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The free sex and open relationships have damaged everything there. Now, it has hit India and women from every part of the country are copying west blindly. Feminists can be divided into many categories but there are two main categories. Feminism.

First one is the conservative feminists:

One who says the institution of marriage should be protected. Sex outside of marriage or premarital sex is bad for them. This is not because they love the concept of marriage but according to them there should be a man whom they can blame for everything. According to them if something goes wrong in premarital sex they cannot blame men.If they blame the man,  in that case, the woman will be blamed too for having consensual sex. This is the reason rape on the pretext of marriage thing is working.So, being in a marriage is a secure thing for them. Marriage guarantees everything money, sex, luxuries and blame game for the things which are not available to them means they can nag their husband and get things done .. Even if the marriage breaks they can blame and collect money out of it. This category includes old mothers of men who are accused by their daughter – in – laws. These first category feminists are very confused whether to support women or not as the second category feminists have become their enemies. They wear a cotton saree with a collared blouse or a khadi kurta with a stole, a big bindi, beads neck piece, their hairs are short. Mrinal Pandey and Kamla Bhasin come under this category. This category out of confusion sometimes talks about men’s issues. They prefer to be covered and they hate the second category of feminists.

The second category has a very clear agenda, they want free and unquestionable sex that is it.

Free the nipple, no bra panty, no tampons, no sanitary napkin, free bleeding type feminists come under this category. Their resolution is “Nazar Teri kharab hai to burqa main pehnoon “ ( you have a looking with dirty why should I cover myself). This category is aging super confused because they hate to cover themselves but then they support Hijab. Priyanka Chopra comes in this category who recently posted a picture in Hijab and Bikini both. They cry,” nobody has the right to rape me even if I roam naked “ but at the same time cry for attention that nobody is looking at me. So if a man looks at them he is perverted, if he does not he is rude and not man enough. They started with, we can do it now took a U-Turn by propagating, He For Her. Now the question is when you claimed to do it why do you need a man? This second category is considered weird by the first category. This category will wear almost no clothes or Hijab. They will have colored hairs, multiple tattoos, pierced nose, ears, navel, lower lip. They proudly flaunt the bra straps and cleavage. And if media or some person report it they will do a drama of why did you point out t get some footage. Deepika Padukone comes in this category. The Hijab women of this category are the most confused ones. They live their whole life in prison of Hijab still talk about empowerment by declaring the Hijab is empowerment. They are so brainwashed that Purdah they do becomes empowerment for them.

One thing is common between the two categories both have nothing to do with the welfare of women. All they want is money, attention and media drama.

– Jyoti Tiwari, Men’s rights activist, social activist and a renowned author of best-selling novel ‘Anuraag’

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  1. Please spread this article. An eye opener. We don’t need feminist wave from failed broken society. We just need gender equality.


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