24X7 News Channels – An unnecessary nuisance


Yesterday, at a restaurant in Bangalore, India TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai was confronted by a common man for harboring anti-Hindu views, hating Hindus and India. The incident was nothing but a 30 second rant where the man was voicing his frustration over the biased reporting by not only Rajdeep Sardesai, but others like Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh, Nidhi Razdan, Shekhar Gupta and the ilk.

To make things simple, I am going to refer to this club of media personalities as “The Presstitutes” because that is the apt name for them. Just like how a prostitute sells her body as livelihood, these media personalities have sold their journalistic soul in lieu of a career and a lavish lifestyle and now they are just using their reach and influence to spread anti-Hindu and anti-India thoughts.

We will see that in a while, but before that it is important to mention the reaction of The Presstitutes to yesterday’s incident of Rajdeep Sardesai being confronted. All the presstitutes are crying foul and calling this as an attack on the “Freedom of Press”. Now, this “Freedom of Press” is just like the “victim card” played by women. Whenever, the situation is against you, cry foul saying it is an attack on the freedom of press.

So, if the press really had so much of freedom then, where were these presstitutes when,

  1. Kashmiri Pundits were driven out mercilessly, beaten, raped and brutally killed from Kashmir in the 1990s
  2. Mulayam Singh used helicopters and stain guns to gun down Hindus in Uttar Pradesh
  3. 47000 Hindu temples were demolished and the history does not mention a word about it
  4. 59 Kar Sewaks were burnt alive in Gujarat in 2002.
  5. Every now and then RSS workers are hacked to death in CPM ruled Kerala
  6. 1993 Mumbai serial blast
  7. Barkha Dutt leaked strategies of defense by Indian Govt. during Kargil War, Mumbai Taj Attack, Pathankot Terrorist Attack and also got Major Vikram Batra killed
  8. Rajdeep Sardesai launched an all offensive attack against, the then CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi
  9. For 65 years the Hindu Temples and Shrines have been taxed and the money was used for Muslim appeasement
  10. Millions of Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam and Christianity and a new vote bank was created by Congress to remain in power decade after decade

And so on and so forth. I may have missed many more such incidents where The Presstitutes maintained total silence and did not bother about journalistic ethics. And now when they are being criticized for their bigotry and hypocrisy, they are reminding about journalism?

Not only this, the biased reporting by these Presstitutes goes on unabashed. If the accused is a Hindu, they report it like,

“Hindu man attacked a Muslim businessman…….” And create a communally insensitive atmosphere against Hindus but if the accused is a Muslim, it is reported something as

“Business dispute led to murder in……”

This kind of reporting is poisonous journalism which these Presstitutes are doing since the 80’s. Even in the area of gender, they have created similar biases by protecting women criminals and over criminalizing men creating an atmosphere of male hatred in the society. But here, also, the specific targets are Hindu Men. Also, these Presstitutes continuously target Hindu festivals and call them misogynistic but Islam practices are never condemned by them.

On the contrary, Islam subjugates women more. In Hinduism, the women are actually considered superior to men. From ancient times, women like Gargi, Maitrayee, Rani Laxmibai, Rani Chenamma, Kaikai, Durga, Vidyottama, have always excelled in India in terms of academics, warfare, and other areas of life, but in Islam, women must remain in Hijab and produce babies. Even the rape culture entered India after the Muslim invasions which started around 1000 AD. And continued till 1500 AD after which India was under the Mughal rule before the British took over. But these presstitutes are now hell bent to paint India as a “Rape Country” and are targeting only Hindu men in that.

And ever since, the Islamists, the Christians and the traitors among Hindus have constantly worked to demean Hindus and in today’s times, this is being carried forward by these Presstitutes and the so-called intellectuals who display their “selective humanity” as per their well-defined agenda of finishing off Hinduism.

It is all too evident based on the issues they highlight and the issues they remain silent on. Even, in marital laws, it’s the Hindu men who have a federal law but the Muslims follow religious law and Congress has spread so many poison roots that now even the utterance of the word “Uniform Civil Code” is given a communal color and a useless debate on secularism is started.

Now, what I don’t understand is that when secularism means the freedom to practice your own faith, then why does celebrating Hindu faith become politically incorrect under the secularism debate?

The answer is simple. These Presstitutes are getting huge amount of money to do this from anti-Indian foreign agencies who are aware of the potential of growth in India and want to break India on the lines of religion and gender and these Presstitutes are nothing but those Jaichands who are doing it for petty material benefits.

One look at the lifestyle of the Lutyen’s journalists and it is all very clear. They move around in BMWs and Audis and have luncheons at The Grand Hyatt’s and The Maurya Sheraton’s and live a lavish life. After all, wherefrom are the luxuries coming?

When almost 70% of Hindus are feeling persecuted today by the media personalities, all of them cannot be wrong, their feelings cannot be invalid and one of the reasons for this melee and chaos is the existence of the multiple 24X7 news channels. Why do we need perpetually running news channels? Because they have to run 24X7, they create news, generate chaos material, just to exist and once created, they have to continue with it.

News should only come 3 times in a day. From 8-10 AM, 1-3 PM and 7-9 PM. Shut down the 24X7 news channels and a lot of nonsense reporting will stop. A lot of presstitutes will be put to their place and their nonsensical charade would stop. It’s high time now that Hindus should start speaking and fight for their dignity and self-respect, especially Hindu men, because they are the worst target of this bigotry and hypocrisy of the Lutyen’s club of journalism, also known as “The Presstitutes” as aptly named by Gen. V.K.Singh.

Criticizing the journalists is not an attack on the freedom of press. Journalists should welcome it with open arms.

Because the day we stop accepting criticism, is the day we stop growing. That is what has happened with these media personalities, whom I refuse to call as journalists because they are a black spot on the noble profession of journalism. These presstitutes have become arrogant and brought down journalism to the level of aunty-gossip and just how aunties feel offended when mocked about their gossip, similarly the presstitutes cry foul when questioned about the quality of their reporting.

Media needs a complete overhaul and the beginning would happen with criticism and slowly a solution shall emerge from it. But let’s not stop questioning the presstitutes, even if it means to attack the freedom of press.

If freedom is this harmful to a vast majority of the population and their beliefs, it’s only imperative to attack its fiefdom and force it to repair itself and replace if necessary.

 – Virag Dhulia, Filmmaker, Writer, Entrepreneur. Author of famous novel ‘Chess without a Queen’




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