Though Veer Savarkar was an outstanding freedom fighter, he was an anathema to the Establishment of Free India. He did not hold any office in free India. Leave alone a Padma honor, he was not even appointed a special executive magistrate. Veer Savarkar was never a captain of any corporate or an educational empire. Then was he a success or a failure?

1. In 1940, Savarkar warned of the Muslim infiltration in Assam. At that time, Jawaharlal Nehru belittled this issue by saying that nature abhorred the vacuum. Savarkar retorted that the vacuum was being occupied by poisonous gas! By 2008, the number of Bangladeshi infiltrators in India is an estimated forty to fifty million.

2. The Congress party boycotted the 1941 census because it recorded community wise data. Savarkar pointed out that the constitutional progress of the next ten years would be based on this census data and that its boycott would be disastrous. At the time of the partition, the boundaries of Pakistan and the Indian Union were delimited on the basis of this very 1941 census data. The Congress meekly accepted the ‘communal data’ that it had condemned in 1941.

3. Veer Savarkar correctly analyzed the separatist Muslim politics and warned that Gandhi’s policy of Muslim appeasement would prove suicidal. On 06 October 1946, in an article in Harijan, Gandhi admitted his defeat as regards the Hindu-Muslim unity.

4. Right from 1940, Savarkar warned against the looming shadow of Pakistan. On the other hand, as late as 1945, Jawaharlal Nehru, believed that Pakistan would never materialize. Savarkar’s premise the freedom struggle would not succeed without the participation of the Indian Army was vindicated by the transfer of power in 1947 following the Indian National Army and the naval uprising. Within a few weeks of independence, in September 1947, Savarkar warned of the invasion of Kashmir by Pakistan and the insurgence of Nizam.

6. He repeatedly emphasized the importance of a strong, modern Indian army, vigilance at the borders and developing nuclear weapons. On the other hand, Prime Minister Nehru told the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army that India did not need an army and that the Police were enough!

7. Veer Savarkar had warned against the Chinese designs on Tibet when the country was lulled by Nehru’s Panchsheel and Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai!

Veer Savarkar

Every prophetic warning of Savarkar proved to be true! Savarkar was not a failure; it was Hindu society and its leaders that failed!

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