When Akbar Was Almost Killed by a Hindu Queen


The period referred to here, is when the Mughals were ruling India and Rajputs were their only contenders. Maharana Pratap was known to be India’s greatest Rajput warriors. His brother was Shaktisingh whose daughter, Kirandevi was married to Prithvisingh, the ruler of Bikaner. Kirandevi was a beautiful and mighty woman. Being a Rajput she was daring and efficient with arms. She lived in Delhi with her husband.

Mughal ruler Akbar was ruling India at that time. Akbar apart from being a great Mughal ruler was also known for his lavish lifestyle. He had a strong penchant for women. To satisfy his lust, every year he would arrange for an exhibition in Delhi. It was known as the ‘Nouroz Mela’.The Rajput Queens, as well as the other women from Delhi, paid a visit to this exhibition in order to buy goods and jewelry. No men were allowed in there. Akbar disguised as a woman encroached the place every year to hunt for the woman in order to satisfy his desire.

One day Kirandevi came to the exhibition to see its pompous and offerings. Akbar had an eye on Kirandevi for a long time. Her presence in there kindled his desire and on his instruction, his men gypped Kirandevi to Akbar’s Palace.

Akbar was waiting for her in the palace. His burning desire for Kirandevi blinded him to the approaching danger. What Akbar didn’t know about the Rajput women was that they can take or give life for honor. He didn’t know about Rani Padmini who along with other women of her clang threw themselves into the fire for the honor. Kirandevi was no different. She belonged to the same clang. Just and when Akbar tried to touch her, she pulled the carpet beneath his feet and dragged him on the ground. She took out her dagger and pinned him to the floor rising on his chest. The great ruler of India was at mercy of a woman.

Akbar pleaded for his life. Kiran Devi promised to spare his life on the condition that Akbar will stop arranging for the ‘Nouroz Mela’ and will respect every woman going forward. On that day Akbar realized the power of Indian women and promised to abide by them.

Rani Kirandevi proved how determination, will, and despair can bring out the strength from within. ‘Defence’ is not merely a word for self-protection but it has the power to belittle even the King of Kings.

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