Brahminism, and Brahminical Patriarchy

Brahminical Patriarchy

CEO of Twitter was recently found posing with a placard saying ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’, which later generated the criticism from Hindus, and an apology will be the logical culmination of the entire episode, but how the CEO of Twitter posed with such a placard is the product of intresting history.

When Orientalists and later German Indologists started writing about the religion of Indian people whom they found to be obnoxious and barbarian, the religion of Hindus was called Brahminism as the texts of Hindus were written invariably by Brahmins largely. The orientalists went on to make sweeping conclusion that the Hindu religion is essentially the religion of upper caste Hindus and that too strictly Brahminical in nature. Brahminism was juxtaposed against Buddhism which is egalitarian and rational in their understanding and the heterodox traditions among tribals which differed from popular Hindu tradition at surface, but has the same essence as the mainstream tradition.

To bolster the argument of caste discrimination starting before big bang which has the sanction of scriptures, Hinduism was substituted by Brahminism in their literature and one could criticise Hinduism in the harshest possible manner by simply criticising Brahminism. So, it’s not an attack on Brahmins particularly, but on the Hindus who follow the traditions crafted and imposed by Brahmins. One of the founders of Indian sociology, G S Ghurye, had written that Hindu tradition is upper caste tradition which is in turn the tradition of Brahmins.

Coming to the monster called patriarchy which is the ultimate cause of every misery which anyone faces in the world, cultural Marxism ensured that patriarchy will be discarded as a family system in order to achieve an egalitarian family system. The propaganda against patriarchy has been so successful that it’s the unsaid rule that nobody can advocate patriarchy publicly. Truth to be told, patriarchy is the only family system which holds family together as we have the history of civilizations exclusively built by patriarchal family system while the matriarchal family system could never grow beyond tribes. When destruction of patriarchy started in Western world, the immediate outcome has been the increase in number of children being born out of wedlock, teenage pregnancies, single mothers and the rise of welfare states.

The standard leftist technique is to malign a word to such an extent that nobody would dare to support these words. The words Brahminical and patriarchy carries the same negative connotation in the popular culture which only shows that how powerful cultural Marxism is. In the corporate world, leftists infiltrated the system by establishing themselves in HR departments and every organization merely acts as the carrier of the propagation of the feminist and liberal degeneracies. Jack Dorsey will certainly apologize as he has to care about his business, but our focus should be in winning the war of narrative in long term. Brahminical Patriarchy.

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