Brahmin’s Contribution In Service of Hindu Dharma

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Many Hindus, irrespective of their political inclination hate Brahmins. And this hatred will lead them where all the non-Hindu pagans have already arrived. Explaining the reason why all the non-Hindu pagans civilization could not withstand the assault of Christianity and Islam, Shri Rajiv Malhotra says that our Shastras were the only difference which gave us lead over other pagan civilizations. Those who did not have Shastras were doomed.

Yunan Misra Roman sab mit gaye jahan se but Hindu survives. Why? The reason is, we had Shaastras which kept our connection with our past unbroken. We still believe in our ancient values. Characters of the Ramayana are still our role models. Despite the irreversible loss, we still have Ayurveda, Yoga, Sanskrit, Samskara (at least 4 out 16 Vedic Samskara).


Who preserved? Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Puranas, Sanskrit, Yoga, Ayurveda, Samskara, Darshana everything which makes us different, which make us Hindu was preserved by Brahmins.

(Those morons believe that only Brahmins were allowed to study are cordially advised to go through the survey reports before the Macaulay’s education system was imposed. Moreover, most of the Hindu kings of that period belonged to the OBCs of today. Had Brahmins been oppressive to non-Brahmins, they must not have tolerated, at least in their kingdom. There’s no incident any Raja issued order against Brahmins rather all were proud of being called patron of Brahmins)

This is why Brahmins were the main target of every invader. They preserved our Shaastras and Paramparas even in the dark era of Muslim domination and British Raj. And the reason for their success was the cooperation of other sections of Hindu society. Muslims could never control the whole subcontinent. No century passed when there was not a Hindu kingdom in India. These Rajas gave patronages to learned Brahmins. Even under British Raj Hindu kings kept that tradition intact.

But today! Tons of atrocity literature has been produced against Brahmin. Brahmin’s contribution is totally neglected. It has left such great impact that even Brahmins feel shame in claiming their identity. People feel proud of an anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin, anti-Dharma constitution. Brahmans are believed to be the cause of every problem India has and cursing and abusing them is the solution.

 – Dwij Kumar

(Views expressed are author’s own)

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