China Agrees to further pull back PLA forces

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Yesterday’s Sino-India meet delivered two things. First being China agreed to call back her PLA personnel to further mid-way of Indian LAC Claims and Chinese LAC Claims. Refer below the image “POINT C2”. Recently, the Chinese PLA had set up a camp to C1 (refer image). During the Kargil War, China had built a road up to C1. During those times the Indian army was busy with Pakistan, they got time to build a road in meantime.

Nonetheless, the Indian Army still patrols up to finger 8 as shown in the image as point 8 in red color. Redline drawn in the image at point 4 is the Chinese claim of LAC.

Photo & Information taken from the wall of Vinay Jha Ji’s Facebook Wall.

Blue Line drawn on point 8 is the Indian claim of LAC. Right now Chinese PLA soldiers have gone back up to point 6 or C2.

Second, it was agreed that the following meetings shall help to find a suitable place for temporary camp of PLA Soldiers.

It was also agreed by both counterparts that there is no way India and China going for WAR. India is still willing further to push PLA Soldiers back.

PLA had to go back, it proves that China can only threaten and try to find leverage to get maximum out of Diplomatic/Military Discussions. Nonetheless, China cannot afford a war at this time of the pandemic.

Source:- Information and Photo was taken from the wall of Vinay Jha Ji.

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