China and her sleepless nights with India


If you remember the DOKLAM standoff then you must know the rhetoric language used in the Global Times of China against India. That 74 days long standoff caused serious unease among the Chinese Military and CPC. After day 50 or so, Chinese daily started a daily rhetoric column against India as a part of their strategy to threaten India. No matter how strictest words they used during standoff days but Chinese were destined to get embarrassed in the end.
Gen. Rawat expecting more Doklam like situations in future

So current Ladakh Standoff may be a surprise to common Indians, but Army was expecting it. It was just they didn’t know timing and place. Now, when the whole world is fighting with corona, blaming China for her miserable deeds, China chose this timing to save face from the world.

Those who know the Chinese Mindset well, they would tell you that China is like an arrogant w-h-o-r-e, she loves attention when people are praising her. But she loses her mind when you point-out her vulnerability or catches her red-handed leaving her embarrassed. She starts accusing you of things you never performed*, she starts threatening you, she files fake cases against you or sometimes calls her brothers (PLA) to show her power.  She doesn’t want to fight, she just wants to keep you away from her. She just wants to safeguard herself with such rhetoric. She knows better that she doesn’t possess good character so that judges (world) don’t have sympathy for her. But she is such a ignorant mess that she knows nobody cares for her. If she dies tomorrow, nobody would say a good word for her even at her funeral.

Her speeches and actions aren’t in sync, nobody trusts her. Everybody uses her as cheap labor. They pay her for her services, in cheap. (World pays for Chinese cheap, low-quality goods.) Nobody loves to get with her in public. Everybody tries to hide their relationship with her. Once her customers get options to avoid her, nobody would ask her again. She will be left to die with all those nightlife-memories, she had with her numerous customers including India & the USA.

At the end, lonely on the bed, she realizes that nobody loved her. She was used by her customers for their own needs. In-between she lost her charm for cheap. (Just like China is polluted nowadays). Once the charm is lost or cares and this is the thumb rule. By now she is getting oldie clients, Widowers & those who don’t have money to pay high-class escorts. China was never a lady with class. She was always a third-rated red lightworker.

Now her charming Male customer (India) has started ignoring her, stopped paying attention to her, stopped praising her beauty therefore she is trying her best to accuse India, trying to damage the reputation of India in front of relatives (Indians), Friends, Society. India trying to be innocent as if he never consumed her services. After realizing that India is no more giving her attention and is abandoning her, China got tense and she called her PLA Brothers, called her sisters (2 sisters-Nepal & Pakistan) to blame India for not paying for services. Her PLA Brothers are sitting at India’s door-step trying to force India to get married to their sister. India is denying all accusations and saying we never hired her.

What next?

Her PLA brothers will get frustrated someday and they will try to leverage something just to save their sister’s face from society. Even after that India will stay firm that we don’t owe her anything. Then they will ask for some water before leaving. After all, they will have to free India’s doorstep and they shall leave with casual show-off saying India got a few days or months to settle things otherwise they may return with more power.

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