Debunking Patriarchy


I moderate around lots of social networking sites forum and each and every post I came across in almost all alternative page I found bizarre narrative behind each & every failure & incompetence of women as postulated by most of the feminists. I am sick and tired of hearing how women are better than men in every sector of society but there are some invisible “patriarchal” forces of misogynist hegemony that holds women back from years and in each and every competition women participate the fruit of their labor is eaten by an invisible crow called “patriarchy”. Is it really patriarchy so insidious and impenetrable that half long century of women empowerment has failed to dismantle it or there is a more sinister game being played behind our back to obstruct women progress, sometimes in my recluse I chuckle, do these feminist honestly believe we are unaware that the state has bent backward like a contortionist just so that women could reach parity, I mean why don’t these feminist have intellectual capacity to admit that a massive figurative leg up there has been extended to them at the expense of male candidate so that they could gain momentum, from educational universities to jobs and again not the least public transport, everywhere women have reservation and quotas. Patriarchy

Finally, I did some research and was perplexed to find that feminism is entirely based on Marxian driven theory postulating that society is oppressive towards women because of patriarchy, the theory insinuates that men have privilege and dominance over women and thus have an inherent advantage and men tormented and tortured women from ages

India is often portrayed as a divine manifestation of the lady known as Bharat Mata

To refute these claims let me highlight some logical fallacies. Women in history of mankind were never oppressed to begin with not even close, oppression is defined as unjust use of power or cruel treatment by authority over its subjects. In oppressive society there is rigid relation between slave/subordinate and its master, real oppression have a tragic story to tell like captured with handcuffs on wrists and leg chains while sold to some trader or forced to work as bondage labor, like depriving someone of birthrights, putting someone in solitary confinement and torture cells, signs of scars and mark on the body of slaves, social ostracism because of color and caste and lots more, To be honest when portraying the social conditions of women its appear just the reverse, much of a privileged entity in a society. Even if we believe in popular feminist narrative that women were treated as commodities, needless to say, men are even treated less than commodity, men have a tale-tell signs of sacrifice, it was men who accept bullet on his chest at the expense of safeguarding women and children and it was male labor who were pushed to its height for natural resource extraction like coal and diamond. Men were always used as disposable utility catering to the needs women and children, if women are safe today it’s because of contribution by generations of men, Even if patriarchy exits why then we use female symbols for men sacrifice, does a truly patriarchal society uplifts the female form to its heights, as its done in our society, the blood and sweat of man greased the wheel of civilization progress, men conquered nations built walls to fortify states then why do we call country as our “motherland”, why do soldier chants “Glory to motherland” or “Bharat Mata ki Jai” before going to war and why is it that many Indian freedom fighters shouted “Bharat Mata ki Jai” in prison cells or before getting persecuted and why in the US its really ironic those men are giving up their disposable lives to erect a giant statue of women (Statue of Liberty) despite the fact that most men died in American revolution were males. The truth is men worship symbolic women because they represent their love for women, on the other hand, neither feminist ever had tried nor will they ever try to understand this notion.

Illustration of an oppressed lady wearing a diamond ring, necklace and bangles made up of gold. Image Source: Internet

More to ask, how many slave masters had to get on their knees to ask women for marriage, why did even some named their houses and villas after their respective slaves, some even go further to build monument in the memory of dead person, why these slave masters worked as hunter-gatherers to collect foods at the time dealing with life-threatening wild animals and why these slave masters protected women and children at the time of war and why it was “women and children first” when Titanic ship sunk down, is it really the way oppressed gender are treated. Feminist don’t have any answer why women received special snowflake treatment and privilege from men at the same time accusing them as the oppressor, what they do is whine and propagate the myth of women oppression.

– Sarthak Satapathy



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