Dear Feminists, Do You Want a Brother Like Ravana? Think Once More!


Here’s a short story that may change your perception of human perception:

Once a pregnant mother asked her daughter, “What do u want- a brother or a sister and like whom?”
Daughter:- Brother, like Ravana.
Mother:- What? Are you out of your mind?
Daughter:- Why not Mom? Ravana left his royal life to avenge Lord Rama just because his sister was disrespected. Even after abducting his enemy’s wife, he didn’t ever touch her. Why wouldn’t I want to have a brother like him? What would I do with a brother like Ram who left his pregnant wife in a forest, provided that she always stood by his side like a shadow? Mom, you being a wife & sister to someone, until when will you keep asking for a “RAM” as your son??? (Mother was in tears)

Moral:- Not everyone whom the world considers evil is evil. It’s all about perception.

Helpless Mandodari in front of Ravana

Found appealing? Reacted and shared?

Most of you have got such messages on WhatsApp or seen such posts while scrolling through your timeline. And for some time some thoughts might have struck you about how great Ravana was as a brother. But you reacted and behaved like semi-literates. Yes, SEMI-LITERATES, and that’s why they say ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing‘. Yes, far more dangerous than it seems. I’ll show you how.

Let’s analyze the character of Ravana as a brother.

Soorpanakha finds mention in the Aranya Kaand of Valmiki Ramayan. In her youth, she fell in love with Danavaraj Vidyutjihva and secretly married him. Knowing this Ravana became furious as Ravana was Rakshasa and Rakshasas and Danavas were enemies. Ravan wanted to punish her but on the persuasion of his wife Mandodari, he accepted Danavas as his relatives.

After attaining the throne of Lanka, Ravana’s ambitions grew up and he decided to conquer the world. When he conquered Patalalok he decided to visit his newly married sister where he met Vidyutjihva. A fight broke out between them and Ravana killed Vidyutjihva. When Soorpanakha heard about Vidyutjihva’s death, she came to him weeping. Seeing her weeping, Ravana asked the reason to which Soorpnakha replied, “You made me a widow and now you are asking about my sorrow?”. Then Ravan told her that I didn’t kill him deliberately as I was in a state of war-hysteria at that time and I could not identify whether there was a brother-in-law in front or any other Danava.

Such a great brother Ravana Bhaiya was!!

Ravana abducting Mata Sita

Wait. His list of accomplishments doesn’t end here.

He was a prurient person and a rapist as well who used to have eyes on other’s wives. His chaste wife Mandodari used to be fed up because of his behavior towards other women. He raped an apsara named Rambha who happened to be his daughter-in-law! He tried to rape Kushdhwaj’s daughter Vedawati when she turned down his marriage proposal. Later Vedawati committed suicide. He abducted Mata Janaki.

He didn’t touch Mata Janaki. Such a great person he was.

Are you sure he didn’t touch Mata Janaki?

I am sure he did touch her. YES. Damn sure.

You need to get your facts right, not me.

Those who say that Ravana hadn’t even touched Sita, have never read the Ramayan. As per my opinion, they lack common sense too. It is clearly mentioned in many slokas of Aranya Kaand of Valmiki Ramayan that while abducting Mata Sita, Ravana was under the subjugation of aphrodisiac. Ravana has made an extremely vicious description of Mata Janaki, which I do not find appropriate to use here. The wicked Ravana caught Mata Janaki with great arrogance and touched her with his malicious hands. Take that Ravana bhakts. He not only touched her but abducted her forcefully. Further, in Valmiki Ramayan, Aranya Kaanda, Sarga 49, Shlokas 15-17, it is mentioned that, “the demon Ravana caught the lotus-eyed Sita in such a way that it seemed as if Budh had miserably caught his mother Rohini in the sky. Ravan grabbed the head and hair of Sita and lifted her using his both hands.”

Valmiki Ramayan, Aranya Kaand, Sarga 49, Shloka 20 states that, “Ravana roared loudly, scolded Videhnandini Sita by using rigorous words, lifted her and placed her in the chariot.”

Valmiki Ramayan, Aranya Kaand, Sarga 54, Shloka 11, states that, “while entering Lanka, Ravana kept her in his lap to ensure that she could not escape from his grip.”

Now come on this.

He didn’t force himself on Mata Janaki.

Was it his greatness and character?

NO. It was the fear of instant death.

When Ravan’s nephew Nalkuber came to know that Ravana has raped Rambha, he cursed Ravana that from now onwards the day he will force himself on any woman without her desire, his head will explode into hundred pieces.

In our culture, even the worst brother won’t ever think of ruining the happiness of his sister. But Ravana Bhaiya was such a great brother that in the quest of power he widowed his own sister.

Lord Ram and Mata Sita

All such posts are the brainchild of anti-Hindu forces. They are somewhat aware of how ignorant or less informed the current generations are in terms of scriptures. They lay a sentimental trap and unfortunately gullible Hindus fall for it. All such posts are less on facts but high on agenda. Their only objective is to demean our Gods and Goddesses amongst our younger generations. Unfortunately, most of us are totally unaware of their motives. Many of us in a desire to seen as modern and cool fall in their trap. Next time, whenever you come across such posts, do not react like a semi-literate fool. Reply with these facts in the harshest possible manner. After all, these forces happen to be the only species present on the earth who can ask for rapists and perverts as their brothers.

Lord Ram is and will remain the ideal person for today, tomorrow as well as for the upcoming generations. Ram is the connecting link between the modern day India and the ancient Indian heritage. Ramayan is and has been the basic scripture from which a child goes through the first teachings of Hinduism. There is a reason behind why Ram is worshipped and Ravana is demeaned. Ram was, is and will continue to be a source of immense pride, a source of strength and inspiration towards a greater uprising. Leftists and feminists deserve great brothers like Ravana. We don’t.

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  1. You poor people have no knowledge about ramayan…

    Suparnakha was very lusty women. she tried to seduce ram and laxman but she failed..she tried to kill mother Sita and as result her nose was and ear got cut..

    She went crying to ravan ,, ravan chastised her that what blunder you have done ..
    You must have done some mistake…so you go away..
    Suparnakha knew that my brother is very lusty so she started describing the beauty of mother Sita so that ravan goes and kidnap her rawan did not go ram laxman to take revenge of surpanakha..but to satisfy his lust.. later when ravana died. Surpanakha’s revenge could happen..
    She did tapashya to please lord Shiva … lord Shiva told her that in kaliyuga your lineage will rule the whole world that yavan (Muslim)..


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