21 Million ‘Unwanted Girls’: Hoax of Economic Survey


Some Economic Survey conducted in an unscientific way says that India has 21 million “unwanted” girls and 63 million “missing” girls because people prefer a male child in India. Here is a look how they get this magical figure of 21 and 63 million because families want a boy so they keep on giving birth to the girl till a boy is born.

Why I don’t trust these surveys –

1.where is the data of those families which kept on having boys till they get a girl? Which means we have unwanted boys too where is the statistics of them?
2.Where is the data of unwed mothers aborting their babies?
3. What was the gender of the unborn babies?
4. Where is the data of communities who prefer to have a large number of children irrespective of gender? ( if you know what I mean )
5. When sex determination test is illegal how they are getting figures for that?

The assumptions made on this basis are-

1. Because people prefer a boy so girls are unwanted ( are you serious? )
2. Girls must be badly treated as nobody wanted them.

Reality check –

the data they gave is a part of some economic survey, also, it is just an estimate. Interestingly, It was published by Washington Post, BBC and other foreign agencies who have this open agenda of presenting India in a bad light. They purposely use figures like 21 million or 63 million as most of the people do not understand million, billion thing in India.

There are many families and mothers who actually mistreat their sons because they wanted a daughter. Also, if a family has one son among 4 sisters the son is considered the bonded labor of the family. He has the burden of responsibilities over his shoulders including sister’s marriage, making a house, taking care of parents ( respondent is son in CRPC 125). So, if you are giving birth to son it’s not a favor for him, his life is burdened. Stop ranting female foeticide!

– Jyoti Tiwari, Men’s rights activist, social activist and a renowned author of best-selling novel ‘Anuraag’

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