Feminists Do Not Work For Women, They Work Against Men – Why?


How many people know that the rise of feminism coincided with the increase of women in the workforce? It might appear to you that feminists are responsible for the economic dignity of women, wherein they can be financially independent and not “depend” on any man for it. But, do you know that for any movement to instantiate, proliferate and sustain itself to levels that can make a global impact, huge funding and resources are required?

Now, here’s the interesting part. Ever since its emergence, if you see the narrative created, developed and spread by feminists, it’s all about blaming and shaming men, including the men who have power, money, and influence. Whereas, interestingly, it was the same men who were funding feminists allowing them to spread a narrative against themselves! And it was not adding up. Why would men fund a war against themselves?

Unless there were other ulterior covert motives behind it. And one of them being, getting women to work, so that they can also be taxed. Getting women to the workplace would also increase competition for men, increasing the rush leading to better productivity and more inflows to the coffers of the powers that be.

Many young women were fooled into believing that feminism was their window to freedom without realizing that it actually meant living a risky and reckless life (just like men) and now it is visible with a lot of women turning against feminism but I am afraid it’s too late now.

Financial dinosaurs who wield their financial prowess across geographical and geopolitical boundaries had much to gain from feminism as they had to gain from the spread of terrorism. Surprised? Because, so far we all thought that terrorism was a handiwork of a few frustrated, radicalized, brainwashed astray young men dying (literally) to get the world’s attention.

But, think for a while. Who gave you that definition of terror? That definition of terror has come to us from the media. The newspapers, the articles, the magazines, the columns, the news hours, the prime time, the breaking news et al. Now, it is no mean task to run a media channel, it needs huge financial resources and power-backing. So, it does not rule out the possibility that a definition that favors to the powers that be, comes out.

Again, if we come back to acts of terrorism. Any act of terror requires planning, materials, infrastructure, resources, people, and most importantly, money. So, the question is, when all the big global powers are committed to eradicate terrorism, where do the terrorists get their resources from? It has to be from some person on Earth only and how is that person/group of persons is never tracked after almost 5 decades of reported acts of terror? This also doesn’t add up.

Again, unless there’s another ulterior covert objective behind the existence of terrorism. Ain’t that obvious? The people who stand to gain most from the existence of terrorists are the powerful people because it keeps the multi-billion dollar arms trade on, it justifies the inflated Governments and the increased surveillance of people, most of whom have nothing to do with terrorism and thus giving them access to huge amount of private information of people which can be further used to bolster economy which again fills the coffers of the powers that be.

More so, terrorism divides people along the lines of religion and so does feminism, along the lines of gender. And a closer look reveals that many well-known radical feminist speakers and writers are also “terrorist sympathizers” and they constantly work to create an environment conducive for the terrorists to thrive, much as they create an environment for abusive women to be treated as victims, worthy of sympathy.

If we take a look at India and some of the recent events, the picture becomes clear. When the JNU student leader Kanhaiya was arrested on charges of sedition because he had spoken against India for the hanging of Afzal Guru, the suspect in the attack on Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001, many feminists like Sheila Rashid, Nivedita Menon, etc. had condemned the stand of vindicating Kanhaniya and they also went to the lengths of saying that Kashmir was never an integral part of India.

Nivedita Menon[1] also attends seminars by Popular Front of India, a radical Islamist Organization which has been operative since the last 25+ years and has been quite instrumental in helping Iran create instability in the Kashmir region with the help of ISI and sabotaging attempts by R&AW of India to prevent acts of terror. The same professor talks about the oppression of women and stands with Muslims saying India has perpetrated acts of terror on Kashmir.
Another interesting thing is that all the feminists attack Hindu festivals and traditional practices citing that they are regressive and oppress women but do not challenge any of the Islamic practices. They rather embolden and encourage Islamic practices. In fact, the viewpoint of many of today’s western feminists is that Islam is a progressive religion, Hijab is empowerment and very soon, that thought process will infiltrate India as well.

The question is, why target India? The answer is simple. Thousands of years back, India was ahead of the world in terms of academics, technology, and research. Invasions started taking place and Muslim, followed by Christians worked very hard to destabilize India. And that was done on a systematic basis by attacking the education system and the culture of India, calling it third world and regressive and then plaguing it with the intellectual virus of secularism.

Today, under the name of secularism, Hinduism is openly denounced, denigrated and looked down upon and such a behavior is hailed as progressive. Similarly, today, under the name of feminism, men are openly denounced, denigrated and looked down upon and such a behavior is hailed as progressive.

To add to the equation, all notable secularists are anti-Hindu and radical male hater feminists. They have a single agenda – create chaos in the society with rhetoric and propaganda. These academicians, under the guise of education, and using it as a front, deal with young impressionable minds of students and poison them against Indian culture, Indian traditions and fill them with male hatred.

Many young Hindu men today, are ashamed of themselves and vilify their own clan riding on a guilt trip induced by systematized, globally funded and internationally orchestrated anti-India, anti-male indoctrination leading to a confused generation of youngsters that hesitates in taking the country forward. Impeding India’s progress has many benefits to the West because it is now threatened with India’s rising strengths in technology, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

So, where do feminism and male bashing fit into the picture? It should not be a coincidence that just as India gained independence, it suddenly became misogynistic and started oppressing women which was retrospective in nature or at least that’s what the rumor mills tell us when we throw a glance at the Indian history.

So, Indian men, the real workforce of the country, the bonded labor, the backbone and the spine of progress of India, are now misogynistic, patriarchal wife-beating, woman-hating dowry seekers and thus, Indian labor becomes cheap labor because now India is a third world developing country that first needs to learn to treat its women folk right before telling the world of what it truly deserved. And who stands to gain from it? Obviously, the financial dinosaurs of the West.

Therefore, Indian feminists take a cue from Western feminists, try to ape all Western laws on Indian dynamics throwing the Indian society into a tizzy of chaos precipitating a tug-of-war between pristine old customs and “modernity” and the sacrificial lambs are the unsuspecting Indian men who keep on telling everyone – we should respect our mothers and sisters while those same mothers and sisters were waging war against men.

Most feminists are women from broken relationships and if prodded, they promptly blame the man in the relationship, but only if we talk to those men involved, will we get a true picture. So, now all these women who couldn’t eke out a harmonious relationship with one man, spread their bitterness around, turning women into gullible, vulnerable victims making them target of sympathy and inject a slow poison of terroristic victim mentality jeopardizing the social health of India.

It is extremely important to realize the nexus between anti-India forces forging terrorism on the soil and the anti-men forces forging feminism on the same soil and both of them working as a team together to break India, to break Hinduism and to weaken men. Remember, only if our men are stronger, the country progresses and thus for the sake of our country, we must eradicate feminism from the country.

 – Virag Dhulia, Filmmaker, Writer, Entrepreneur. Author of famous novel ‘Chess without a Queen’

[1]: Hamid Ansari And PFI: The Iran Connection

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