Gender Equality: A way towards DOOMSDAY


According to ancient tanra, Men’s soul is made of positive charge and women’s got Negative Charge.

Biological Difference:

Men’s body is having fundamentally difference. That’s creation of semen. In semen, you’ll find both seeds (X & Y). Women don’t have Y.

In Humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. 23rd pair is different in men and women. Due to difference in 23rd pair of Chromosome, Men have natural tendency to push their limits. On other end women don’t have that tendency.

Psychological Difference:

Natural inclination of a woman is to produce a child having virtues of her husband. Further there is a fundamental difference between man’s memory and that of woman. Men’s memory is intellectual and women’s memory is Existential. If a woman loves a man, then memories of that love are stored in her whole being. The memory of love lingers in her entire personality. When she drowns in the memory of her love affair, she is no longer intellectual. It contains her entire existence. But if a man loves woman, memory of that love is stored in brain as he loved someone. This is the main reason Men used to have many wives and lovers but women had only one.

For a man, all events are in his intellect. For a woman, all events are in her persona. According to Kamshastra, a man’s sexuality lies in his sex center, but the woman’s sexuality is concentrated all over her body. Technically, Whole body of a woman is sexual, each part is sex center.

In the west, they developed men’s virtues to its optimum level. But they failed to develop virtues of a woman.

Woman’s memory has permanent impact on her body. Her memory doesn’t have intellectual memory like a Man, her memory is so deep that it changes her virtues. Her memory’s dimension, meaning, intention is total different to that of man. Woman doesn’t think by brain or ideas, she thinks by being complete in herself.

There is one father, one mother. Father is like formal institution, if he is not there, it wouldn’t hamper much to the child. Animals don’t have father as an institution, things are fine. But Mother is not any formal institution. Mom-Son relation is not limited to intellectual memory. Its a big deal of survival. If tomorrow son dies, his mother would get anxious, stressed without even knowing that her son is no more. Father-Son relation is not a big deal like deal of survival. His memory that XYZ is my son, is an intellectual memory. This is why Man wants to be a Husband first, and not a father. Woman is more eager to be a mother as compared to being a wife. Some would argue that many women are not so, then its just those women haven’t achieved proper understanding of what is meant by being a WOMAN.

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If you develop man’s virtues in woman, you will destroy human race. Over the time you will train woman to not be woman and just a human being. It’s started in may countries as they call it gender equality, its all stupid conception. There was never equality between woman and man. They are different, made for perfectly different roles. Well developed virtues of men would deliver you soldiers, rebels, fighters. Ultimate result of Men’s virtues is a war.

If you look after women’s virtues, she loves peace, if you develop women’s virtues, you’ll have peace in your country. That’s how you want peace in home and not a war. But again, women are trying to be like men. They are developing virtues of men. They are competing in men’s domain. It will result into ruckus.


Scientists created machines to do job of Men, but there is no machine to do women’s job. So now, women are using machines and their need of being with man is limited to procreation. It is damaging their nature. They are not created to stay single mom. It will force them to push their limits, which isn’t nature as women got 23rd chromosome biologically different to that of men, there is void of completeness in men due to biological difference, so naturally men will always push their limits. They will survive this torture but women will loose this fight as their limitation is biological and natural.

You may give me a few examples of warrior women, but you will have to accept that she will have to sacrifice a lot of time to gain manly virtues and with same efforts with man you can make a man, a WAR MACHINE like RAMBO. So Gender Equality destroying HUMAN RACE because foundation of gender equality is based on wrong understanding. West did develop Men’s virtues at highest levels, just to counter, women started to gain manly virtues as they were left no room in western society to develop their natural virtues.



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