Are you getting suicide threats from your wife? If so, It’s a warning signal for you


Spousal fights are a common occurrence. But are you getting threats from your wife of suicide like that she would poison herself or cut her nerve? If so, then it’s a warning signal for you. And if your marriage is less than 7 years, then you are in for deeper trouble. Because, within, seven years, any death of a married woman is automatically considered as “Dowry Death”. What if, she cuts her nerve, just to scare you, but succumbs in the process; you, as a husband, would be doomed then. You will be booked under Section 304B of the Indian Penal Code i.e. Dowry Death and it’s next to impossible to get bail in such cases. And it’s not just you, but even for your mother and sister, there are special “Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law” cells in jail. Even on Facebook, you might have seen many pages like “Justice for blah blah girl” and all. Basically, when the girl is no more, she becomes a bigger victim. And the boy just loses all forms of sympathy, be it from his friends, relatives, media or the court. At the end of the day, you are just a dowry hungry monster, who was so blind in his greed that he not only tortured his wife for dowry but also killed her.

One could not but fathom the pain and misery of the man who not only lost his life partner but has also been tagged a criminal overnight. However, it doesn’t happen in a day, there are signs that keep coming, but men are mostly over-optimistic and they keep on dragging in the hope that the marriage would somehow survive.

On the other hand, if a married man dies, no one points a finger at his wife. On the contrary, she becomes eligible to receive a pension, insurance money etc. The courts do not see at this point of time, if the woman was actually a good wife or not. She gets all these rights, as technically, she is still a wife. As a matter of fact, it’s the boy’s mother who suffers a lot in cases where the husband dies, but still, the sympathy is for the young widow. Rare are the occurrences where we see the mother of a martyr receiving an award for her son’s gallantry.

Given the above backdrop, the most dangerous places are those so-called mediation centers who always advise reunion with the wife after a “kiss-and-make-up”. To reunite with a threatening wife is to invite a case under 304B in future. The Family Welfare Committees, being formed, as per Guidelines by Supreme Court are totally anti-male in nature. Till the time, such draconian laws are not reformed and we do not have a proper provision to punish liar women and their family members, there’s no respite in sight for men, these committees nonetheless keep forming.

– Jyoti Tiwari, Men’s rights activist, social activist and a renowned author of best-selling novel ‘Anuraag’

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