Here Is How Google Is Going To Kill Android and KaiOS


Few days ago, there was a news about Google investing $22 Million in Kai OS Project. Then you would have seen another news saying “Google is working on another android like OS called Fuchsia” and one more news stating “Now Google Chrome-Books will have Windows 10 and Android both installed on it.” Now you are most likely to be confused about whatever Google is doing. But don’t be so.

First thing first

11 years back, when Apple launched its first iPhone in market with touch screen, iPhone was the global sensation at that time. Google was nowhere in Operating systems. Google wanted to rule the computer market with a self made OS. So Google bought Android OS in 2005 from Android Inc. for $50 Million. At that time, Android was in BETA stage. Then google made an offer to NOKIA, the Mobile giant, for introducing Android into market. But unfortunately that offer was denied by Nokia stating security concerns.

Google was disappointed but they made another offer to Samsung and Samsung took it. To insure success of the said OS, later, google made it free for distribution with modifications. The whole source code was available to Mobile companies. All they had to do was to download source code, finalize hardware, modify source code of the Android OS and after installing that custom Android into phone they were free to sale it.

At that time, feature phones of Blackberry and Nokia were considered among the best. Samsung focused on android and started developing various android devices and apps. Initially first 5 years were not fine for android but later they surpassed Blackberry and Nokia.

Initially Microsoft too had time to speed up development but they had other priorities and they lost the Mobile OS battle only because of lack of App developers.  Google had Google AdSense to compensate App Developers.  On other end, Microsoft was rude to developers. Microsoft made windows structure more and more difficult for developers so that security on MS Windows will not be compromised.  Due to tight security measures Microsoft Windows didn’t allow developers to steal data from Windows phones and Microsoft lost battle of Apps to Google.

But Google was making enough money to nourish its empire. Still while using its rich resources Google built Android and even after spending much money gave Android for free?

The thing is google wanted a direct access to the personal life of people. Google wanted to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application and to build a strong AI, all you need is “DATA”. Google thought Mobile Operating System is the best way to get “Personal Data” and you know how valuable is that “Personal Data”.

Nothing is free.  Its just that you won’t realize that you are paying something.

Google is earning money on one end and on other end. It is forcing you to create a Gmail account to use android phone. Then you get all Google apps pre-installed on Android phones.

An android phone.

Google collected a lot of personal data from Android Phone users. Google succeeded in killing almost all of its competitors like Blackberry and Nokia. It gave a simple entry to China based Businesses to create brands with little efforts and earn money. This move of Google, throwing Android for free, insured its success. Local Chinese brands did earn a lot by simply putting assembly plants to create Mobiles. Creativity also got lost somewhere during this time.

Now google has started charging money for its Android One OS (Version of Android which comes with 3 year OS and Security Updates) and cost of mobile started to increase. So, now companies like Sony, HTC, Nokia and Blackberry are back in the business. Small brands like Micromax, Karbonn, Vivo, Oppo have started loosing their market share.

But why another Operating system KaiOS?

Because Google is smart and following the same strategy Microsoft adopted in early 80’s, 90’s. That strategy was to buy/acquire anything which is significantly growing. Do you guys remember what Microsoft did to FoxPro? Acquired and eliminated it for the sake of Visual Basics.

Google knows that Android is not all time solution. Any OS ruling in Feature phone market is as danger as any other Smart OS. Feature OS have natural option to be Smart from being DUMB. So, simply Google is just trying to secure future by buying up whatever is left in Mobile OS market. In near future, KaiOS will become another FoxPro.

Another benefit of being in Feature OS is google is not at all at the risk of loosing ground in app market. KaiOS is having various apps like YouTube, Gmail etc.

But still it doesn’t make any sense to create another OS Fuchsia?

Right! But you know android is just Mobile OS. Google wants something solid like Microsoft Windows to compete with Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows. Google is definitely going to kill Android, Chrome OS and KaiOS in near future. Google plans to project Fuchsia OS as all in one OS, just like Microsoft is going to build One WINDOWS on all platform.

And what about Google Putting Windows 10 on Chrome Book as a dual boot?

Well, here again Google is following what Microsoft is doing. Microsoft is putting its apps on Play store of Android. Microsoft is just trying to improve its standing in App Market. The same thing is in the mind of Google, Google is also putting Windows 10 on Chrome Book to attract hardcore Windows fans. It is just a path for Google to gain desktop market.

Humans meet Robots having artificial intelligence.

Google, Apple and Microsoft are in the race of creating better Artificial Intelligence Applications. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is also creating an Artificial Intelligence called “Jarvis”. It is in the future’s womb, who will rule what? But the thing is for sure, this war of computer technology is not going to end in near future.

This article was originally published on Corporate Journal.


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