Hindustan Unilever’s Kumbh Ad: Hatred for Hinduism in Corporates

Hindustan Unilever's ad portraying Kumbh Mela
Hindustan Unilever's ad portraying Kumbh Mela

Hindustan Unilever’s ad portraying Kumbh Mela as a gathering of irresponsible children abandoning their old hapless parents is the manifestation of how big business houses have been infected with the dominant narrative of Hinduphobia and virtue signaling. The phenomena of big businesses especially of FMCG and IT sectors promoting the cultural values of left while thriving on the economic principles of right is one of the contradictions of our time, but the ingenuity of left makes it possible. The left has always understood that controlling the narrative is virtually controlling the world even if one doesn’t have any political power. The growth of managerial class in the world of business with social responsibility is the root cause of the evil, further accentuated by the intervention of the left.

Hindustan Unilever’s ad portraying Kumbh Mela as a gathering of irresponsible children abandoning their old hapless parents

The business houses like the Hindustan Unilever don’t lose anything by virtue signaling in the world because they’re confident that people’s memories being so short and fickle that they will always manage to outsmart people while attracting some good PR in the process. As I have mentioned before too, advertisement and HR emerged as the fortresses of the left in the business world despite being committed to the goal of eradicating capitalism from the face of the earth. In the world of advertisement, they brought the notion that advertisement isn’t only about selling the products, but delivering a social message which will obviously be the social agenda of left as they’re the ones setting the popular opinion climate.

In the Indian context, the dominant narrative is defamation of everything Hindu, promoting the victimhood of Muslims and Christians and promoting the madness of feminism coupled with the menace of LGBTQA+. It’s a top down process akin to colonization in which the thought process and conduct of barbarian Hindus must be modified who still cling to their traditional aspects despite the civilizing missions which they have been subjected for around 1300 years.

In the Western world, as Christianity is already dead in the popular culture, the attack is usually on patriarchy, family system, masculinity, and political right. The idioms of advertising professionals around the globe remains the same as they’re the product of the same cocktail of postmodernism and social justice warrior movement and merely differs in the terminologies in different geographical locations.

Image of a son carrying his old mother at the Ardha Kumbha Mela on ‘Maha Shivaratri’

Recently, Accenture had asked its new employees in its induction programme that they should wear rainbow colour clothes to show themselves as allies of LBGTQ people who face so much of discrimination that using wrong pronouns for them result in the malfunctioning of their respiratory system. My friends who are in IT sectors definitely know about the HR department’s consistent efforts to push LGBTQ agenda after the Supreme Court verdict on Section 377. In another incident, Kellogg’s had pulled its advertisement from the website of Breitbart because it didn’t want to promote hate while Lego had done similar thing with Daily Mail.

Considering that the Hindu side in India has zero presence in the world of media and advertising, they have even easier turf in India. Boycotting the products of such business house is the best possible idea except that it’s not sustainable in the long term. What we should strive for in the long term is the conquering the territory of left so that our narrative is the dominant narrative. All the advertising professionals didn’t consciously became the ones carrying agenda of left, but the narrative of left is the only one which they know and even the politically disinterested ones fall prey to the popular narrative. Let’s strive to control the popular narrative even if it means the struggle for decades.

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