How Brahmins welcomed Alexander

Alexander Brahmins
Brahmins of Malav Republic:
When the republics of Malvas and Kshudrakas made a confederacy to face Alexander, 5000 Brahmins from Malav republic left the pen for sword and died fighting. Only a few were captured.
Brahmins of Musicanus (Mushika) and Oxycanus:
When the two kings Musicanus (Mushika) and Oxycanus in lower Sindhu valley submitted to the Macedonian King, they were denounced as a traitor by Brahmins who urged people to fight for the dharma. This campaign was so intense that these kings had to revoke their submission and fight. Although they were defeated and massacred along with Brahmins. It created huge unrest amongst the Macedonians who had never seen such spirit in their all campaigns from the Balkans to Persia.
He was a Dandi Swamy (a sanyasi). When Alexander came to know that Sanyasis are causing trouble, inciting the local population to fight. He sent Onescratus to bring him Dandamis who was believed to be the biggest influencer.
When Onescratus encountered Dandamis in the forest, he gave him the message, that Alexander, the Great son of Zeus, has ordered him to come to him. He would give gold and other rewards but if refused, he might behead him. When Dandamis heard that, he did not even raise his head and replied lying in his bed of leaves. God the Great King, is not a source of violence but a provider of water, food, light, and life. Your king cannot be a God, who loves violence and who is mortal. Even if you take away my head, you cannot take away my soul, which will depart to my God and leave this body as we throw away old garments. We, Brahmans, do not love gold nor fear death. So your king has nothing to offer, which I may need. Go and tell your King: Dandamis, therefore, will not come to you. If he needs Dandamis, he must come to me.
He was a Brahmin of Takshashila. When he was first invited to meet Alexander, he “roughly commanded him to strip himself and hear what he said naked, otherwise he would not speak a word to him, though he came from Jupiter himself.
Later on, he agreed to become a teacher of Alexander and accompanied him to Persia. He was 73 years old. When Persian weather and travel weakened him, he informed Alexander that he would perform self-immolation. Alexander tried to dissuade him but it was in vain. He distributed all his belongings to soldiers and sat on the pyre wearing a garland of flowers and chanting Vedic hymns. Everyone was watching with astonishment and he didn’t even flinch while burning to death. His last words to Alexander was that he would meet him in Babylon. Alexander didn’t have any plan to go to Babylon. It is believed that this was the prophecy of Alexander’s death.

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