How Did the US Take Care of People’s Stomachs, While the Soviets Brainwashed Them?


As counterintuitive as it may appear to the naive mind, but the reality has been that the Western world under the leadership of USA has been the actual practitioners of dialectical materialism while opposing the Soviet Union after world war 2 on the name of war against communism. The struggle against Communism launched by the USA and its allies was based on the central concept of dialectical materialism – social conditions shape the consciousness of the individual instead of consciousness of the individual shaping the social conditions – while the Soviet Union adopted the idealistic conception of ideas shaping the reality despite its nominal ideological commitment to Marxism.

The USA kept on pouring economic aids, building schools, hospitals and other such development work in the third world countries which were supposedly threatened by the specter of communism in the hope that a higher living condition will result in people’s favorable disposition towards liberal democracy. Americans geopolitical thinkers still suffering from the stigma of dialectical materialism believe that a higher living standard in China will be accompanied by the rise of democracy but the empirical evidence has been exactly opposite. The reason is quite simple yet profound – material conditions have very little impact on shaping the consciousness of the people while it’s the latter which shapes the former.

Sitaram Goel, who was among the rare critic of Communism who crafted profound ideological criticism of Communism, had hinted of the similar tendency while talking about how the materials consumed by the people in third world countries were essentially Soviet propaganda. In Goel’s words, the USA was taking care of the stomach while the Soviet Union was taking care of the heads of people.

Considering that communism is getting increasingly popular amongst the millennial kids in the USA particularly, they should rethink their fundamentals regarding why the shift is getting accelerated when living standard in the USA has actually increased since the 1980s. Communists and their new mutants mainly cultural Marxists and Postmodernists kept on working in the domain of ideas in universities and the result is crystal clear for anyone to see. On the other note, the feminists managed to get Pandya and Rahul punished for saying things which are way too common. That’s the impact which one can create by having control over narrative and opinion climate without even doing any action in the real world. A clue for the ones willing to take!

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