How Liberalism is Forcing Europe Towards Cultural Suicide

It’s rather amusing to see the fall of Western society while submitting itself before Islam under the guise of multiculturalism and celebration of diversity, amplified by the guilt-tripping of every man by leftists for not being compassionate enough. The recent case being – UK government facing criticism for the death of the third baby of Shamima Begum – who had gone to Syria for the cause of Islam.

Liberalism Europe suicide

Any society which has not sold its survival instincts and maintained even the rudimentary connection with truth will not shed a single drop of tear for the death of the baby of a woman who wanted to establish an Islamic state in the world. UK government is being blamed for the death as it didn’t let a lady return who was the part of unleashing the specter of death on infidels in Iraq and Syria for the cause of Jihad. It’s even funny to see a society grieving over the death of the baby of such woman and considering itself responsible for the death. However, it’s not her first baby which has died in Syria, but her first two babies met the similar fates. In her three years of service to IS, she was breeding like rats and still expecting that her babies will miraculously survive.

As the plight of children can be considered as a legitimate cause of comprising national security, she will be probably allowed to come to the UK. Like many of the people who had joined IS and now living freely in the UK, she will also be allowed to live here amongst the infidels whom she desires to wipe out from the face of the earth. Liberalism and leftists will convince everyone that she has changed her heart, and she is going to mosques regularly for her prayers without any sign of extremism. Gullible people will obviously buy that narrative until they find that they aren’t left with many choices.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle.”

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