How ‘The Family Man’ is Doing Perception Management For Pakistan


Web series The Family Man on Amazon Prime is a live example of silently the Bollywood is doing perception management for Pakistan and supporting their narrative. Created by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, this series is centered on Srikant Tiwari, who is a struggling family man but a star at his workplace. He is part of the brains that stop a terror attack from happening. One of the numerous nameless people who listen to taunts of “arey 26/11 rokna hota toh yeh log rok nahi lete?” while seeing their families slowly crumbling because they are always busy with “files and paperwork”.

The series tries its best to convince viewers that Pakistan’s administration including politicians and Army, in general, are peace-loving and it is only a few rogue Army officers want war with India. Whereas the reality is that the entire Pakistani establishment including the Army and their crony politicians survive and thrive only by creating an anti-India atmosphere and work very hard against Indian interest at all levels.

They are also trying to justify the Indian ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s jihadis by suggesting that they have turned into killing machines because of a few riots in India and mob lynchings in beef-related incidents. People would very soon start believing all this propaganda and this jihad all over the world would be blamed on cow protectors. The series also shows as suggests that army officers are saying that AFSPA n other laws are being misused in the Kashmir valley and India is crushing these people.

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