How the Surf Excel Ad is Brazenly Anti-Hindu

Surf Excel सर्फ एक्सेल

If someone wants to fill an ocean with idiots, the person only needs to consider Hindus for it and the goal will be accomplished. The recent Surf Excel ad which brazenly promotes Love Jihad under the pretext of communal harmony appears to be an ad promoting harmony between Hindus and Muslims to gullible Hindus. I don’t deny that the Surf Excel ad doesn’t promote harmony, but the type of harmony is the same as the harmony between predators and prey.

Predators sustain their existence by feeding themselves on preys and ultimately rejecting what’s of no use after strengthening it. In this case, the Hindu girl will be lured into the fold of Islam by brainwashing her that a Muslim is just like another human and it’s nothing wrong if she loves a Muslim guy. What follows next will be the girl getting converted into Islam right before the marriage and will breed the children of Muslims. In this process, there won’t be merely one Hindu less, but a Hindu girl breeding the children of Muslims and increasing the numerical strength of Islam which is its greatest asset. If you compare this with how predators take everything worthwhile from the preys, the harmony will not enter into your thoughts again.

Another issue with the Surf Excel’s ad is the classical Stockholm syndrome attitude of kafirs who believe that it’s their duty to let Muslims observe their religions without any obstruction while Muslims think otherwise. The Muslim boy in the Surf Excel ad must not be drenched with the colors because he has to be pristine before he offers the Namaz. I haven’t seen any Surf Excel ad showing a Muslim girl saving cows from getting slaughtered during Bakrid because the Hindu boy wished to worship the cow. The only street of tolerance and harmony has done considerable damage to Hindu society, but Hindu idiots still gather the courage to justify such nonsense.

The epitome of Hindu cowardice, Mahatma Gandhi, was conducting the reading sessions of Qur’an in the regions affected with the bloody riots of partition around Delhi in 1947 amongst the Hindus who had been slaughtered by the people who revered the very book. When someone reminded him of the plight of Hindus who were being killed in Punjab and Sindh, Gandhi told them that if he can’t allay the fear of Muslims in Delhi then he doesn’t have any rights to talk about the plight of Hindus in Pakistan. In this process, it never occurred to him that the whole saga of bloodshed was due to imperialistic tendencies of Islam and Hindus were forced to fight a civil war.

When we are on the verge of civilizational threat, anyone who ponders the narrative of harmony which is essentially the narrative of subjugating Hindus vis-a-vis Muslims is an existential threat. We have sung the songs of harmony and tolerance for centuries and all which we got was loss of land, men, women, children and our culture. We have to ensure that we effectively boycott Surf Excel and make HUL fire the persons responsible for this ad. That should be our tactical goal for the moment.

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