Is BJP Really Concerned About The Hindu Interests?

Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra’s brief conversation with Piyush Goyal –who is referred as articulate and intelligent by Rajiv Malhotra probably to show courtesy or merely following the tradition of not dishonouring your guest–is the glimpse of what people in the government think who are supposed to take care after the issues of Hindus. Rajiv Malhotra deleted the video when comment section went beyond his control, which is quite obvious as the government has awarded him visiting faculty position in JNU and his own admission that he found many intelligent people in RSS. The way Piyush Goyal speaks about every question is how a student who has only read one topic from each chapter answers when questions from different topics are asked. He merely blabbers whatever he has learnt to repeat while trying to sound reasonable.

Watching any interview of Modi’s minister who repeats ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’, governance, infrastructure and other buzzwords like a headless chicken reminds me of the way postmodernists write. There is a software which automatically generates postmodernist research paper and I’m quite sure that if some enterprising guy tries to build similar software, it will automatically generate the speeches of Modi’s ministers. The most laughable thing during the entire interview was to notice that he didn’t even know what’s the issue with RTE as Piyush Goyal kept on talking about minority institutes reserving a certain percentage of seats for their own community.

Rajiv Malhotra

Let that sink in for fellows who believe that BJP will mysteriously work for Hindus even when the top ministers don’t have an iota of the idea about what we are concerned about. Repeating the clichéd lines of India being one, Hinduism dishonoring religion, magnanimous Hindus and other such pleasing words, it’s all about learned matter without any substance. He can’t even recognize the fact that every community is different from other community, having different aspirations and character which makes the numerical strength irrelevant. Predators are a minority in the jungle, but nobody talks about herbivores animals being the majority as they’re the ones at the receiving side.

On the issue of government controlling Hindu temples, Piyush Goyal believes that he is doing great service to Hindus by taking the administration away from them as only government can ensure better administration. To quote Milton Friedman, “If you put government in the charge of Sahara desert, there will be scarcity of sand in Sahara.” The argument is similar to the argument of British who justified colonialism on the pretext that Indians are incapable of governing themselves, hence the colonial rule is legitimate as they say that Hindus are incapable of governing their temples, so the government must intervene.

Leaving the issue of these buffoons of Modi government aside, it’s amusing to see how everyone has to follow the line of RSS and BJP in order to get something favorable from this government while people delude themselves by saying that RSS cares about Hindus. Hindus will have to work on building a political alternative in the long term, lest they are thinking about getting decimated by current leadership till eternity.

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