Is Feminism A Movement Against Physically Desirable Women?


Feminism: I know feminist amidst us would like to quote the dictionary meaning of feminism to prove me wrong. The fact of the matter is that Taliban means Student. Shall we start respecting the Taliban? Here is the truth, Feminism is a movement against physically desirable women.

Here is the truth. Who is the most powerful student in your grad school or school? The most beautiful women. Women have the power akin to THANOS. That is to predict the future. She doesn’t need to control student union. She controls boys. As simple as this.

As Bill Maher puts in

“For a man to walk into a bar and have his choice of any woman he wants, he would have to be the ruler of the world. For a woman to have the same power over men, she’d have to do her hair.” In other words, any reasonably attractive young woman exercises as much power as does the (male) ruler of the world.

Since beautiful women exercise enormous power. If your a woman, and not attractive ‘at all’, you don’t get enough adulation from boys you feel that you are, treated unfairly, and you become jealous of beautiful women. And then you form a union with other unattractive women.

Just think about it. Feminist are disgusted with the idea of shaving, nail polish and beautiful feminine dress like a skirt. Feminist encourage their comrades to wear pants and a shirt in the garb of equality.

Simple observation will tell you that higher status and beautiful women seldom invest their time in OTHER less fortunate women There are no dearth of free bees male trying to score and date with the desirable women. Such women threaten the mating choice of a group of women (let’s call radical feminist to this group of women) .Presence of ovulating women invoke stimulation of testosterone level and desire to compete. It also invoke aggression in women What is the solution ? They start a common criteria of equality and bitching the male . They’ll start boasting how all men are pig. How hobnobbing with them (so called pig) is disgraceful to women ?

(1) There sub conscious brain think that designing an artificial paradigm of gender equality will make them equal and sexually equally desirable. That’s why feminist group encourage other women NOT to shave their leg or wear flowing lavender skirts . They wear male wardrobe . They’re incapable to accept feminist trait because they’re thinking that they are too masculine to really pull it off. Further, they try the social exclusion because their presence threaten your evolutionary prize

(2). Also , these female AREN’T ugly. They just have inferiority complex in presence of super model . What is ugly anyway ? Quoting Alice in the Wonderland ‘’ you may meet people who don’t look attractive at first, but they mesmerize you with their towering personality and you find them very attractive.’’ If you have magnetic personality you’ll look beautiful . Often you meet people who are attractive but as soon as they open mouth their ignorance and incivility will erode their morphological beauty and they’’ll look NOT attractive .

The fact of the matter is that jealousy , insecurities , and evolutionary competition are the engine that run feminism . The social equality is a façade behind this institution.


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