Is India Developing a Rape Outrage Culture


India definitely doesn’t have a rape culture but it has been developing a rape outrage culture lately whenever any rape in a specific spatio-temporal context happens. The outrage is different for different sort of rapes which I don’t want to dwell but the public opinion expressed over social media paints a gloomy picture.

The most common and outrageous response is either hang the rapist or hand over the rapist to the people for delivering mob justice. Never worry about learning the difference between a rape accused and a convicted rapist. The accused must be hanged without any following due process of the law as that’s how we can virtue signal. The group doesn’t remember that conviction rate in cases of rapes in India doesn’t go beyond 40% and if we follow their dictum of hanging the rape accused immediately, we will be hanging 60% of the innocents who were accused earlier. Do people even realize what kind of Frankenstein monster they demand for?

The group also doesn’t recognize that demanding all the rapists to be handed over to the people for justice also include the men who are accused of rape by women retrospectively on the issue of having sex under the pretext of promise of marriage. By the definition of the law, they’re also rapists and you shouldn’t be surprised that there will be people asking for their blood as well. At the end of the day, they’re rapists as the law say. Any accused person must have the right of impartial trial as the procedure has been laid down by the law. The Indian police have the notorious record of implicating anyone as accused initially when public pressure is high.

The last group is the ones who believe that the moment rape happens, all the men should cut off their phallus and throw it in the ocean. They believe that men only exist to rape women in the world and must share the collective guilt of existence of crime in the society. Crime is a social reality which can never be eliminated and if feminists claim that they’re the part of society, they’ve equal responsibility of taking care of themselves instead of asking men to ensure their security in the need. All the incidents merely show that Indians have become expert in outrage for short term without having the capabilities to think in dispassionate manner.

उपरोक्त लेख आदरणीय लेखक की निजी अभिव्यक्ति है एवं लेख में दिए गए विचारों, तथ्यों एवं उनके स्त्रोत की प्रामाणिकता सिद्ध करने हेतु The Analyst उत्तरदायी नहीं है।



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