Lipstick Under My Burkha: Implications Which Skip Critics’ Eyes.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

Watched Lipstick Under My Burkha, it is indeed a good cinema. I don’t watch a movie with a woman’s perspective, I watch it as a person. And the movie depicts a person’s sexual desires beautifully. This is the reason I loved the movie “Queen” as it talked about personal freedom. As there is a trend of watching things with a woman’s point of view so everything seems to be #feminism. And as the trend is a big hit, so the movie is promoted as feminist stuff.

What I watched was four-person struggling with a conservative mindset. And if you see closely the agony of women in the movie was created by another woman. A young woman judging another middle-aged woman for her sexual desires. Two mothers stopping their daughters from living life of her own choice. A young woman having an affair with a married man causing trouble in another woman’s life. (Lipstick Under My Burkha)

It is the misery of human life when you are not able to say NO in a strong, powerful way you keep suffering. I particularly loved the last scene, give a damn to what people will say, live a life of your own choice. Again woman’s freedom is shown by her sexual freedom, liquor, and smoking, I feel there is much more to it ( i will explain that in my next blog ). While I completely agree with the issues this movie raises, I still have questions -:

1. Why it’s important to depict a strong woman in a sexually explicit way, drinking, smoking?
2. Why was it propagated that because it is woman-centric so people have objections? ( The only objection “certain” people has is the name being associated with burkha )
3. Why .”Pyar ka punchnama ” was considered sexist by #feminists while this isn’t?
4. Why is it important to spread male hatred if you are talking about women and her freedom? ( Facebook page of this movie is continuously doing it ) .
5. Why female sexual freedom is empowerment and male sexual freedom is being THARKI or womanizer?
6. Why society wants to give reason to every crime committed by a woman ( Rehana stealing stuff in the movie ) and judge a man for the same crime – “yeh to saala hai hi kamina chor type, aadmi to hote hi chor hain”?
One thing is for sure .”Hijab is regressive”.

– Jyoti Tiwari, Men’s rights activist, social activist and a renowned author of best-selling novel ‘Anuraag’

Lipstick Under My Burkha: Implicit Feminist Propaganda


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