Meet Youth Ki Awaz: The Platform with an anti-India agenda

Youth Ki Awaz

Most of you must have heard about the online content platform “Youth Ki Awaz”, also known as YKA, if not, don’t worry, you are not living in dark ages. But before I come to tell about how YKA is anti-Indian, let me give you the background behind “Don’t shoot the messenger” thought premise.

In the historic times, when kings and kingdoms would rule the roost, there was a tradition of not shooting the messenger who would be the harbinger of bad news or the warning of an attack as he was just doing his job. Slowly, over the years, this transmigrated into the well-known thought premise that “Don’t Shoot the messenger” which implied that portals and platforms carrying news shouldn’t be criticized as they are merely helping the expression of a view.

But now, this has gone too far and many portals are disseminating polarizing information and hiding behind the thought premise of “Don’t shoot the messenger” whilst they are very well aware of “What type of” information they are disseminating and what kind of polarization they are upto. Now, how does all of this connect to YKA? So, YKA is a platform which it claims that it allows “Free Voice” to people, in reality, it doesn’t. It has its own agenda and it only pushes that. I used to be a contributor at YKA and I stopped doing it after it marked one of my articles as spam and won’t allow me to publish it and the reason for that – my article “didn’t fit” into their “agenda”. And the reason I know this is because I keep getting emails from Youth Ki Awaz editors asking me to write on various topics and most of them have a common factor, or rather a few factors – feminism, misandry (hatred of men) and anti-India content.

But wait? Let us first see how feminism and misandry are related? Because, apparently, feminism is about “women’s rights” and what did you say? Misandry? Hatred of men? No way, oh come on, this is a patriarchal male-dominated society we are living in, how come there’s hatred of men in it? And isn’t this what all of us read in textbooks? Do you know, why? Because, the textbooks are written by feminists, those feminists who hate men more than they would want to do anything for women.

Anyways, so I knew that Youth Ki Awaz is not going to publish my article because it was critical of feminism. And since almost all countries have laws against men, so I am going to bury myself under the “benefit of the doubt”. But, let’s talk about feminism. They (read, the feminists) claim feminism is all about a woman’s freedom to speak her mind, do her bit and live her life with dignity.

Then, wait, what was this article recently published on Youth Ki Awaz “Meet Jyoti Tiwari: The Lady with a propaganda against Women” because as per this article, Jyoti Tiwari is speaking her mind, expressing her views about feminism and the issues that men face and now feminists are abusing her, shaming her, trolling her and slandering her for speaking her mind because her mind’s “agenda” doesn’t align with their agenda and that’s what their this so-called feminism is limited to?

And, all these feminists keep on claiming intellectual possession of this concept of feminism, are they even aware of the real intent behind the inception, proliferation, and propaganda of feminism?

Feminism was introduced to get women to work so that they can also be taxed. Naturally, the malicious intent was sugar-coated as “women’s liberation movement” with a twofold objective – one was to get women to work and other was to keep a check on the progress of powerless men or men with less power. And this was done by men with the utmost power, the money power, the bankers of the centuries – The Rothschild and the Rockerfellers – who have been ruling the roost since centuries, who have an interest in arms trading and have also funded the Napoleon war.

It was easy to fool women that they needed a liberation movement because women are natural and born victims. Every woman inherently believes she is a victim of circumstances and the natural blame falls on the men who are the deemed protectors. And therefore feminism was easy to spread compared to spreading a movement for men’s rights.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Because, men are so busy convincing the world around them they don’t need help, that such a movement would have never gained steam the way feminism has, and therefore the masters of the movement had more to gain from spreading feminism rather than meninism (if something like that existed).

Now, after more than 100 years of history, today’s feminists think that this movement is for their benefit and keep fighting for it like an idiot. Not only that, they abuse, troll and blame anyone who doesn’t agree with them and question their “understanding of feminism” whereas, in reality, these feminists themselves have zero understanding of feminism. And in the case they do, they really do not want to let it out because feminism gives them a perfect cover to not only hide their inefficiencies but also give a cute name to their hatred of men.

Look at any feminist, remove the prism of feminism and you will find that in reality, she’s just an unhappy, abusive woman who cannot accept responsibility for her failure and attributes everything to her gender. If she fails, it’s because she is a woman (remember Hillary Clinton) and not because she was incompetent, or inefficient or lazy or anything like that. And even if she succeeds, it’s despite being a woman, as if she was deemed to fail because she is a woman (remember I said, a while ago, women are natural and born victims).

So, let us come back to Jyoti Tiwari and Tamoghna Ghosh, the feminist who spewed venom on Jyoti. So, where did it start? It all started when Jyoti Tiwari pointed put the hypocrisy in feminist arguments and held out that there are no good or bad feminists. When she exposed the feminists for their bigotry, the feminists got really abusive. So let’s first see the two posts which sparked the controversy. Read them for yourself and decide for yourself if Jyoti was wrong in what she said.

Now instead of arguing with her on proper lines or trying to either explain their stand to her or tell her how she might have been wrong in what she said (if she was wrong) or accepting the fact that she was right, the feminists resorted to personal attacks of the worst kind. Let’s see some screenshots for that.

This last screenshot is worth noting because it is the same Tamoghna Ghosh who has spewed venom on Jyoti Tiwari on Youth Ki Awaz. Note here, how she is threatening here that if Jyoti Tiwari releases a screenshot of this chat, consequences won’t be good. Well, Madam Tamoghna, if you are speaking the truth, what are you scared of?

So, let me tell you the truth. The truth is, the current generation of feminists have nothing to do with women’s rights. The only thing, they are concerned with is, having unquestionable sex with men and not being held accountable for it and at the same time, have the option to blame men for the sex. And that is why feminists indulge in a two-pronged approach.

Anti-men and Anti-India. Using their anti-men approach they play the victim card and blame men for every misery in their lives and using their anti-India approach, they attract funds from the Western agencies who want to break India. And any forum which allows such expression of feminists also becomes anti-India in turn.

However, forums like Youth Ki Awaz want to hide under the “Don’t shoot the messenger” thought premise and want to continue in an anti-men and anti-India narrative and yet not be held accountable for the same.

People like Tamoghna are just the bullets, the guns are forums like Youth Ki Awaz which constantly instigate readers with their polarized anti-India content and it’s time we stop focusing on the stray bullets and bend the barrel of the gun. Otherwise women like Jyoti Tiwari and other people who believe in an ideology similar to hers would be continued to be derided in the name of “Feminism, liberalism and progress” for speaking their mind.

These liberal anti-India forces have a single point agenda – attack all Indian traditions and customs and use the hatred of men in the society to piggyback their message and ensure their own immunity. If we do not take down these forces now, our coming generation is going to curse us for hauling them into a society that reeks of double standards and hypocrisy.

All Jyoti did was speak her mind (which ironically feminists ask women to do) and all she got in return was abuse and the reason was simple – she exposed the nefarious agenda of these anti-India forces working in cahoots with foreign agencies to breakdown India from within.

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  1. Very well written…’s funny how manginas pretty much dominate the feminist world as well and they say they don’t need men….

  2. Wow!!! Really really great writing. You should definitely think of taking up writing as a hobby/profession.
    Now, care to read up the actual meaning of the word feminism? And not dwell on the propaganda by certain people who are mentally disillusioned. Yes, the girl in question took action by exposing HER ‘NEFARIOUS agenda’ on a public platform. Instead of lying down, taking abuse from that lady and her guy-gang, she spoke her mind. Big deal! And thank you so much for the article. I got to know about this ‘feminist’ girl and her writings and I must say, they are damn good! As for the rest of the article, brilliant writing, but perfect gobbledegook, because: No facts or basis for the facts? Lol.


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