#MeToo: Using Victimization As A Political Tool


The #Metoo movement which is currently getting all the attention in India and US is essentially about using victimization as a political tool and establishing the hypothetical notion that narrative is the substitute for truth.

The very reason why the stories of trauma are meaningless because the trauma is extremely personal and often distorts memory to an extent that it can’t be trusted at all. The narrative of trauma can’t be a substitute of physical evidence, the procedure established by the law and the maxim of innocent proven guilty. However, the sense of entitlement of these women asking the world to bow down before them merely because they experienced some personal trauma which is whether imaginary or real knows no bound. It’s the classical example of entitlement of feminists who believe their feelings matter more than the objective facts.

The entitled feminists can’t comprehend the fundamental fact that the stories of anger, distress and alleged harassment may be self-justifying in nature, but the world doesn’t have any obligation to recognize such angers. There isn’t a single incident in the #Metoo movement which couldn’t have been dealt with the existing judicial framework, but they seek to transcend the very judicial process by replacing it with the narrative of trauma as irrefutable truth.
The world doesn’t owe anything to your subjective feelings. Your family and friends may care about those but neither society nor men as a collective entity have any obligations to give legitimacy to the narrative of victimhood.

The Dark Side of #MeToo


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