How to protect yourself against biased POSH laws


Do you know what is POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment? This is a law to protect WOMEN from sexual harassment at workplace. Every office whether government or private has this policy. Some corporate offices do have a gender-neutral POSH policy but how many men really use it, I have a doubt about it. Now how women use this POSH policy?

1. If they do not work properly and get low ratings
2. If they have an affair at the workplace and they want to come out of it clean
3. If they have any personal grudge against any male colleague
4. If they are jealous of any male colleague
5. They want to leave job after a mess and they do not want to take responsibility for that mess ( remember feminism did not teach them responsibility )

Who is at most risk? ( See, If you are born with penis you are at risk)

1. If the man is having a casual sex with a female colleague
2. Men who talk casually with female colleagues …
3. Men having an office romance and that romance goes wrong …
4. Men who do not give attention to female colleagues
5. Men who try to help female colleagues ( the white knights, shoulder community )…
6. If man is a boss

Preventions –

1. Avoid too closeness with female colleagues ( greeting by hugging, touching, handshakes should be very formal, do not hold the hand for a long time ) Gone are the days of normal male – female relationships.
2. Never indulge in office romance, one night stands ( a strong never)
3. Never try to help a female colleague without being under CCTV camera coverage
4. Keep all records ( emails, messages, chats, call records )
5. Do not call at odd hours ( remember she is equal but with privileges)
6. Avoid words honey, sweetheart, dear. Simply use her name.

Process –

A committee is set up to investigate the allegations made by the woman. Cooperate with that committee.

After doing all this, still, you are at risk because the government has given unquestionable rights to women . Once a POSH case is proved wrong the woman is not chucked out. She is only given a warning. While man loses dignity till the case is on, he lives in a constant fear, woman is seen as the poor victim ( damsel in distress ). The rule should be, public humiliation for the woman and no job offer ever but this does not happen, so be very cautious. Well, if you are helping any such woman, next number will be yours, remember Karma Is A Bitch!

– Jyoti Tiwari, Men’s rights activist, social activist and a renowned author of best-selling novel ‘Anuraag’

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