Sabarimala And The Lessons To Be Learnt


The communists have deceitfully succeeded in breaking the tradition of Sabarimala. As the protests over this issue continue in Kerala, let’s try to have a look on the broader perspective and what lessons Hindus can learn from this whole episode.

In the modern era as long as you don’t have any control over the state run institutions and opinion shaping bodies, you are going to lose each and every war. It’s high time, those who proclaim themselves to be custodians of Hindus must realize this fundamental. Rather than beating around the bush after each and every issue, they must think on stratagies to counter these issues. Even after four years of so called “Hindu Government” in centre, there has been negligible efforts to free the state run institutions from leftists’ control. Either they don’t realise the importance or are reluctant to act.

Every narrative in India is still controlled by the leftists. Under this narrative, the Ayyappa devotees are branded as ‘stone pelters’ whereas Kashmiri terrorists are shamelessly branded as ‘Poor headmaster’s son’. As long as these forces will have the power to control the narrative, you are set to lose.


The syllabus for most of the courses ranging from law studies to Social Sciences, History, Journalism and not to forget the prestigious examinations like IAS has been designed by the leftists in a systematic manner to program the students in such a way that they become their mental slaves. Even the brightest minds coming out from such a system will act only in the way they have been programmed. This has been the main reason why we are witnessing some very strange judgements from the courts as well as some strange decisions by the bearaucracy.

Cultural Marxism has gained control over the educational institutions. It’s very unfortunate that current govt has turned out to be a failure as far as educational reforms are concerned.

Fools obey the constitution, smart people use it.

Yes, it may sound strange to many but when we look at the current issues ranging from the crackers ban to Sabarimala issue, we can clearly witness how our enemies are using some of the provisions of constitution as per their agenda. On one hand, they ask the majority community to respect the constitution and on the other hand they are using it as a weapon to undermine our interests. The constitution is not absolute and there are provisions for amendments within the constitution.


State control of the temples must end

Yes, our temples belong to us and neither state nor any court should have any right to interfere in the day to affairs of our places of worship. The duty of the govt is to govern and not to run temples. India is perhaps the only country where places of worship of a certain community are run by the government. The govt should have no authority over financial as well as administrative affairs of our temples. Only because of the state’s control on temples, Sabarimala ‘s tradition was successfully breached by the communists.



सबरीमाला पर हिन्दुओं को स्त्रीविरोधी कहने वाले मिशनरी अपना इतिहास देखें


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