Sabarimala: Why Dharmic Society is Being Defeated?


The enemies of Hindus have finally succeeded in breaking the tradition at Sabrimala and they are rejoicing their victory as if there will be no turning back. The devotees have shown tremendous resolve and determination against the state especially when a modern state has the monopoly on violence, albeit the resistance put by people can be overcome by the state in the long run. What’s rather more worrying for us is not the concentrated attack by the forces working against Hindus, but how they’ve given legitimacy to their sinister motives in the popular narrative.

The benefit of controlling the opinion climate and public discourse by Marxists and left-liberals is immense for them as most of the people merely act according to the prevailing opinion climate while it helps them in providing legitimacy to their actions which are downright hostile against Hindus. The way they’ve controlled the narrative, it’s axiomatic to accept that equality in all the domains should be our ultimate aim, irrespective of the consequences associated with the quest. Right and liberty are the other a priori truths which must not be violated at any cost.


The judges in Supreme Court who delivered the judgement against Hindus in Sabarimala were informed and dictated by the degeneracy of liberalism which is as superstitious as Marxism. As liberalism is the dominant philosophy of time as our education system coupled with media has ensured this, one seldom has the audacity to think beyond the closed walls of liberalism. It’s astonishing to see how Marxists after supporting British during Quit India movement, providing the intellectual arsenal to the demand of Pakistan, launching an armed revolution right after independence and supporting China during the 1962 Sino-Indian war are still respectable in the public discourse, while it’s the Hindus who have to consistently defend themselves against the attack launched by Marxists.

The only way for us to win the war of narrative which is as important as the war on the ground as Communists having the organizational capability of even 1/10th of Sangh wields such enormous influence of Indian poity and discourse, is to stop building our credentials in the arena in which we are accused of lacking it. The first step forward for us is to refuse to play by the rules set by them. For example, the moment when they accuse us of treating women differently than men like in Sabarimala, we are quick to show that there are temples where even men aren’t allowed. By doing so, we have provided legitimacy to their idea that equality should be a desirable concept within Dharma.


The correct response will be to refute the relevance of the concept of equality in the Dharma as Dharma has the ultimate aim of giving moksha, not gender equality. When they accuse us of doing the purification of Sabarimala asking if women are impure, we should bluntly tell them that we do ‘Shuddhikaran’ when temple’s sanctity is violated, and the entry of women of menstrual age has caused such circumstance, and we will do what we deem appropriate. Temples are run as per the rules laid down in Agama Shastras, not by the bullshit perpetrated by the feminists. Hindus should put forward their line of argument by using their own epistemological and ontological categories while denouncing the validity of their categories and concepts.

Lastly, having the organization with membership crossing over millions doesn’t have any meaning when the organization is the goal itself. An organization should exist for achieving specific ends, but a organization devoid of any coherent ideology is akin to building a sophisticated machine using all the available cutting-edge technology, but being entirely clueless about why the machine was built at first place. The leaders who have come out of such organization has outperformed Nehru in Nehruism in the past as one such leader wholeheartedly supported the claim of China on Tibet when he was the minister of external affairs while introduced liberal Muslim like Syed Shahabuddin who turned out to be even more radical than what he had ever seen. Instead of ego investment, we should see the writing on the wall which is crystal clear now.

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