Savarkar, Pakistan and Equality of Citizens

Veer Savarkar

About Pakistan, Savarkar had said,

“Till a state based on an intolerant religious foundation was India’s neighbor she would never be able to live in peace”.

The repeated aggressions of Pakistan on India from 1947-48 to Kargil, the latest being the 2008 Mumbai attack and the merciless beheading of Indian soldiers, has proved Savarkar’s prediction correct time and again. Savarkar was always for strong military response to any kind of foreign aggression. When Pandit Nehru gave a knee-jerk response to Chinese aggression in Tibet in 1950 and then came up with the Hindu-Chini Bhai-Bhai theory in the 1950s, Savarkar issued a stern warning in 1954 saying that such kowtowing to China after its aggression in Tibet would whet its appetite and he won’t be surprised if China felt encouraged to attack India and swallow its land in the time to come. He was proved correct eight years later when China attacked India in 1962 and swallowed a large chunk of its land.

In 1938, when press reporters started comparing him with Jinnah during his visit to Lahore, Savarkar himself set the record straight:

“I and Jinnah are not the birds of the same feather because I stand for equality and merit and no concessions while Jinnah is for more and more concessions for Muslims and doesn’t stand for equality.”

About the religious minorities, Savarkar had said that they should get equal treatment, but they shouldn’t be appeased as that would encourage them to come up with more and more unjust demands in the name of selective justice and at the cost of majority rights

in what shape India would be today had Savarkar’s maxim of equal treatment for all – read —>(Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, OBC, SC, ST) etc – been followed?

 – Shonan Talpade

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