Six Reasons Why You Must Read ‘Anuurag’ by Jyoti Tiwari


“Anuurag” is the English translation of Amazon Bestseller “अनुराग” and is the story of Anurag Tiwari, late brother of the author Jyoti Tiwari. Anuurag is the extraordinary story of an ordinary man.

  1. The book moves you to tears as you read about the journey of Anurag narrated by Jyoti is his own person. So, while reading the book, you feel as if Anurag is talking to you, telling you his telltale, his ups and downs in life, his relationships with his elder sister Jyoti, his parents, his friends, his friend and brother-in-law i.e. Jyoti’s husband and most importantly, how his relationship with his wife turned his life topsy-turvy.
  2. We often hear nowadays a very high number of innocent men are trapped in what is known as “False Dowry Case” by their wives when the marriage doesn’t work out. We also read from various media reports and volunteer self-help group versions that filing these false cases has become a very easy way out for women from marriages in a conservative country like India where divorce is still considered a social taboo.
  3. But, how often, do we get to know about the life of a man who has been charged with a heinous crime? Anuurag is the first ever such book written which offers a glimpse into the life of a person who has otherwise been hailed in the media as an alcoholic, rogue wife-beater and dowry seeker.
  4. So, what is the truth about the life of Anurag Tiwari? “Anuurag” not just only talks about how Anurag and his family suffered because he was married to the wrong woman, but it tells us about what kind of a vibrant, young, vivacious, talented person he was.
  5. The book also tells us about the legal system of India and how it works for a man and his family who is accused. The kind of trauma that the accused have to go through only because in such cases, the legal system considers the accused as “guilty until proven innocent”.
  6. If you ever had a doubt about the tall and lofty claims that feminists make about Indian men, especially Indian husbands, read this book to clarify your doubts. It is hoped that more people like Jyoti Tiwari would come forward to narrate their tales for the truth to emerge.



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