The reason behind the so called success of Gandhian Method


The alleged success of the Gandhian method of Satyagraha and Civil disobedience is not due to the strength of the method but due to the benevolence of the regime against which these methods were employed as it never threatened their existence. Imagine a figure like Gandhi launching Satyagrah against Stalin and the next day, Gandhi and his followers would have either purged or sent to Gulag to increase the productivity of the Soviet Union. When Gandhi said that imperialism and fascism mean the same thing, Sri Aurobindo remarked that in a fascist regime, Gandhi would have never been able to say the things which he can say in the imperialistic regime.

British in India maintained a skeleton rule of the law structure even if it was heavily biased against Indians and the kind of mass killing which a communist or fascist regime does against its subjects was absent in British India. The root of the success of Gandhi lies in this fact as any despotic regime would have eliminated him during the Champaran Satyagrah itself. His so-called power of the truth and the ability to change the heart of the oppressors is as hollow as his claim of Brahmacharya.

Gandhian Method gandhi

Also, the Gandhians have been shamelessly lying through their teeth that civil disobedience was a Gandhian concept while it was invented and popularized by American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau in the 19th century itself. Similarly, the Seven Social Sins of Gandhi was actually uttered by a Christian priest Frederick David Donaldson and Gandhi later published it in Young India. It again reinforces the truth that Gandhi was more Christian than probably even Jesus.

The Gandhian legacy is built on falsehood, obfuscation of truth, clever marketing, the band of sycophants whose only expertise is in glorifying Gandhi and falsifying history. The Gandhian legacy has started to crumble in people’s minds even if it’s not reflected in popular culture but sooner or later, the Gandhian method will be as relevant as fossils.

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