10 Secret Operations of RAW you don’t know about

Research and Analysis Wings or simply RAW is India’s main spy agency. Since it is a spy agency we don’t have that much information about its operations in the public domain. All over the world many of the rumors are spread in the public domain but none of them can be confirmed. We brought you some info regarding top operations of RAW which are declassified.

1. Khalistan Movement

Gone are the days of Punjab insurgency. Current NSA and the then Officer of Intelligence Beauro Ajit Kumar Doval was the man who executed major part of operation blue star. Officer Doval entered Golden Temple as an ISI (Pak Spy Agency) agent. He successfully fooled Khalistani terrorists and freed some hostages. His entry into Golden Temple was so crucial because he noted down all the major positions taken by terrorists in the temple. This info helped the Indian Army to neutralize terrorists in the temple.

Indian army not only destroyed terrorists but they did successfully neutralize Bhindranwale. After this operation Khalistan movement lost its significance.

2. Operation Meghdoot

Operation Meghdoot a classic example counter-insurgency operation of RAW. Over the period of time RAW has proved its importance in national security. RAW received some information from London-based Garment Company that had supplied Arctic Weather Gear to Indian Army. The company informed that Pakistan Army too had bought that gear.

RAW intercepted some calls and messages of ISI and Pakistan Army. Those intercepted messages and calls revealed that Pakistan is planning to initiate an incursion bid in Siachen Glacier. RAW informed Indian Army in advance about the systematic plan of Pakistan. Indian Army did take care of the rest.

3. Operation Cactus

Those were the days when Rajiv Gandhi was in the chair of Prime Minister. India was trying to improve its significance in the Indian subcontinent. All of a sudden during November 1988, some 200 Tamil Terrorists from group People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Elam (PLOTE) entered the Maldives. The situation was critical and President of Maldives requested the Indian Government to help them out. It was the matter of minutes, PMO ordered Black Cat Commandos, Para forces and other special forces to take charge and save the Maldives. The team of security forces was assisted by RAW. Indian Air Force assisted the team to reach the Maldives.

The operation ended successfully. Indian Army arrested those rebels and restored government rule of Maldives.

4. Operation Leech

Myanmar and India relationship was in danger during Army rule. India wanted a democratic government in Myanmar and that’s why government ordered RAW to do something in this regards.

RAW took charge of the situation and planted some people in Pro-Democratic Groups in Myanmar. Even RAW supplied them weapons and trained them in jungle warfare. But over the time relations with the Kachin Independence Army (Rebels) became sore and it became impossible for RAW to interfere in their decisions.

To eliminate rebel leaders, RAW initiated an operation with the help of the Indian Army. Their mission was to assassinate the Burmese rebels leaders.

5. Operation Chanakya

Kashmir is a very crucial part of India and its burning since India’s Independence. To eliminate separatists influence government ordered RAW to change the situation. RAW infiltrated into various Pakistan-backed Kashmiri Separatists groups and provided all the information about their network.

This is one more operation in which we can see the involvement of Ajit Kumar Doval. RAW successfully convinced some separatists to join hands with government for the peace in the J&K.
The operation was highly successful.

6. Snatch Operations with the Intelligence Bureau

Snatch operations are highly risky operations. If you have watched Akshay Kumar Starr-er Movie “Baby”, you would know what are snatch operations. RAW has been involved in such snatch operations. In such operations, RAW operatives or simply agents do catch or kidnap target and get them into the country for interrogation. This is generally done to bypass a lengthy extradition process.

In last few years, RAW snatched around about 450 targets. Some top terrorists snatched are Bhupinder Singh Bhuda, Tariq Mehmood of LET, Abdul Karim Tunda, Sheikh Abdul Khwaja, Yasin Bhatkal and many more.

7. Operation Smiling Buddha

Operation Smiling Buddha was the name of the Indian Nuclear Programme. This was the first operation of RAW in which RAW handled an operation inside the country. On the 18th of May 1974, India tested a 15 Kiloton nuclear device at Pokhran and became a nuclear power.

It was the surprise to the all of the world spy agencies. None of the agencies had information of this test. Later Government declared it in a press conference. After this test, US did put pressure to close nuclear programme but the Indian government ignored it.

8. Operation Kahuta

It is the most daring and risky operation of RAW. Brave RAW officials were killed in Pakistan due to the foolish Indian Prime Minister Morar Desai. Indian Agents did find out secret location of Khan Research Laboratories. RAW confirmed Pakistan’s nuclear programme by analyzing hair samples of scientists snatched from the floor of barber shops near KRL.

During a discussion with Pakistan President Zia Ul Haq, then PM Desai told him that India knew everything about Pakistan’s Nuclear Programme. After this incidence, Zia Ul Haq ordered ISI to find out and eliminate RAW Agents.

9. Liberation of Bangladesh

During 70’s RAW did perform a series of operations to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistan. RAW infiltrated into Mukhti Bahini, providing them with training, Intelligence, and weapons. Public opinion of then East Pakistan was not good about Pakistan and RAW touched the same nerve of East Pakistani people.

Liberation of Bangladesh was the most successful operation of RAW.

10. Black Tiger

The man called Ravindra Kaushik was trained to speak Urdu and live in Pakistan. He not only joined Pakistan army but he reached the level of Major in Pakistan Army. He gave RAW direct access to the Pakistan Army’s Secrets. He was the best trojan horse of the RAW.

He was conferred the title of Black Tiger by RAW.


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