Warning Signs of Girls Who can Create a Chaos After Marriage


Some people wanted warning signs for a bachelor’s post in English. So, here is the English translation, I repeat these are not Sureshot solutions but still can help a lot. How come I know all this? I have been a part of the pro – men movement for a long time and counseled 100s of men. She even tried to start a community center for men. (Remember you will find exceptional cases too in society but everyone is not so fortunate). All those men who are willing to get married but are confused about how to choose the right girl, here are warning signs of girls who can create chaos after marriage –

1) Avoid marrying a girl who has only sisters, sisters interfere a lot in other sister’s lives. This includes that girl too who is the only child of her parents.

2) Avoid marrying a girl who has a dominating mother, if the mother is taking all the decisions and father remains quiet it is a big warning sign. Such a mother will never allow her daughter to live happily in marriage. Remember if the mother does not respect her husband how come her daughter will respect you.

3) If the girl side family starts a sentence like this .” My that relative is a big shot “, it is a warning sign. Never marry in such a family who boasts a lot about their high profile relatives.

4) If the girl side has a habit of showing off in everything, stay away.

5) Be very cautious if a girl’s side insists upon giving money to the account. It is up to you whether you want to take money or not ( remember even 25 paise spend in a marriage is dowry once you are married). The only benefit of taking money in the account is 5 Lakh will remain 5 lakh it will not turn into 10 lakh overnight. Best is ask them to deposit money in girls’ account.

6) If it is a love marriage please avoid a girl who expects gift all the time.

7) The girl who calls you all the time and does not give you space, avoid such girl.

8) If a girl is over possessive stay away from her, remember you are getting married not going to a jail.

9) Inquire about the girl pre-marriage properly whether she is having any physical or mental problem.If you have any doubt do not marry.

10) Remember what our elders said, not only girl her family should also be decent. A conservative but a very practical thought.

11) Rajshree, Dharma, Imtiaz Ali movie girls are in movies only, such girls do not exist in real world. Do not go by the movies, live a real life.

12) Elders are right when they say marry in your standard if you have a village background and the girl is from posh city there will be problems
13) Marry, when you feel like getting married. Do not marry in social or any kind of pressure.

P.S, I am not promoting arrange marriage from this post, both types of marriages have to deal with the same problems

– Jyoti Tiwari, Men’s rights activist, social activist and a renowned author of the best-selling novel ‘Anuraag’

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  1. My wife has most of these mentioned and we are still together and completed successful 5yrs with one kid. And we are happy family now. Thanks

    • wait for 2 more years to complete the 7 year cycle, then tell us… if your beloved is not working against the mentioned then boy u r up for a big roller coaster ride, may God forbid.

  2. Very practical and great advice …..agree to every point from my own practical experience also. I am really amazed by authors knowledge on this subject

  3. Some men are spineless creatures…living in a fools paradise…..
    I havent seen Radha krishna type eaternal love till now in my eyes

    Most of loves r for self profit ….not all but many..
    Remember exceptions…

  4. I am an only child of my parents..Does it mean that I should have remained unmarried… Been happily married for 8 years . Please don’t generalize

  5. I ɑbsolutely lovе yoᥙr site.. Great colors &
    theme. Dіd you create this wеbsite yourself? Please reply Ƅack аs I’m
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  6. thnk u……bookmarked…….prevention is better than seeing my family on jail and committing suicide.


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