Why India Should Overcome US Pressure And Proceed S-400 Deal With Russia


Should India allow the US to curb its relationship with Russia?

The question should be rephrased to, “should India succumb to US pressure and spurn Russian arms”? My view is that it should not. S-400

For one, Putin has led Russia into a rearming program after Yeltsin that has quietly created the most contemporary and devastating weapons that are best suited to Indian requirements in terms of economy, efficiency and defensive capability over land air and sea and has a complete suite to offer. For another, Russia has proved to be a very reliable ally of India and even put up a naval blockade in the Bay of Bengal to prevent the Seventh Fleet from intervening during the 1971 Bangla Desh war.

The US is not a reliable partner and is still in bed with many of India’s visceral enemies including Sunni Islam. The US has a strong Historical position vis a vis India best summed up as “The only good Injun is a dead Injun”. Further, since both World Wars, the US always takes the position that its allies are vassal states and must inter-operate under US command and control. This will mean that US interests will always come first and India will be reduced to not only providing wealth to the US but also cannon fodder i.e. Indian soldiers sailors and airmen to be sacrificed for US (and by corollary, Sunni) interests. There can be no equal partnership or mutual respect with the US in any international relationship. S-400

If the US attaches strings to its relationship with India, India should ignore the US and buy Russian. Further, it must be borne in mind that the US has a nasty habit of selling obsolete equipment and often with built-in “kill switches” (which can remotely disable weapons and equipment) to it’s “partners” and turning the screws with embargoes on spares, ammunition, technology sharing, sanctions and so on to force other countries including partners and allies to do the bidding of the Deep State as channeled through the President in power for the time being. S-400

During the decades of US Uni-Polar smugness and complacency, while Russia retooled and rearmed, the US has let it’s arms development rust from excessive pork barrel arms purchases such as the ineffectual F-35 and an over-reliance on Sunni Jihadists (Taliban i.e. Sunni students of the Quran, trained by Al Qaeda (The Base a US-Pakistan made guerrilla and terror training institute) with a sprinkling of Mercenary and Special Forces together with “Collateral Damage” from the air. As a result, the unique US method of waging war as driven by war profiteers and Sunni Dollar Petro Dollar paymasters has nothing germane to address India’s military needs. India’s “strategic” planners are unlikely to arrive at such a conclusion, though, as India has no strategy and India’s Neta-Babus and Brass Hats are just as influenced by US rhetoric and Hollywood Films as US citizens and draw up plans on “me too” and “toys for the boys” basis from what is internationally available, being incapable of conceiving and producing strategy, tactics or weapons after seventy years of Nehru-Gandhi-Naiker-Ambedkar-Islamic-Marxist ideology, casteism, communalism and extortion enshrined in the suicidal Constitution and laws. S-400

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