Why Is There Brahmin Bashing All Throughout India?

brahmin brahman brahmins

It is regrettable, unfortunate, and unfair that those born in Brahmin families are subjected to vilification, harassment, and persecution, but that is the nature of Kali-yuga where religion is considered as irreligion, and irreligion is considered as a religion.

Brahmins came into the white man’s conscious just prior to the 1857 Mutiny (First Indian War of Independence). A huge number of British. The clergy had reached India to convert India to Christain country. It was Brahmin who prevented them, hence their dislike for them. Additional fuel for the fire was added by likes of Max Muller, who was hired by British East India company to translate Indian Sanskrit literature into English. He was German by origin but worked for the British East India Company. The idea was to subvert the Indian religion from within. It did not succeed fully. Yes, Max Muller did translate Sanskrit literature but became an admirer. His early writings are different from his later life admiration. He became an instructor at Oxford for British Civil Servants who were proceeding to India and his lecture on record admired what he saw in India.

British conscious was spoiled by Muslim intellectuals also. They disliked Brahmin, again they were stumbling block in the complete conversion of India to Muslim for seven hundred years. Brahmin was picked by them for real atrocities. Still, they survived and kept the flame of Hinduism burning.

brahmin brahman brahmins

Here even the history was subverted by the British. As the recently arrived clergy were opening schools to train clerks, which were urgently needed, they turned to a Muslim intellectual in 1850 to 1870 in the name of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He was an English educated judge and an intellectual, who first the Moghul King Bahadur Shah pampered and then the British liked him and appointed him as a judge in Agra. He was given the job of writing history for school textbooks. He and other Muslim scholars wrote India’s history which was to the British liking. Sir Syed ignored the great Indian nation and culture prior to the Muslim conquest. He glorified Muslim rule from 1100AD until the British conquest. That is why Akbar although a callous person is called Akbar the Great. Or blotted out the atrocities of Aurangzeb by calling him a pious man, taxing only to fill the treasury which had been emptied by his builder father. Not a word is said of how he promoted his military generals – by how many temples they destroyed and how many Hindus they converted. Again Brahmin without a sword stood in their way of the whole of the nation being converted. That is the history we study even today.

Now Brahmin bashing only serves the purpose of leftist and Hinduphobes. It’s not like only Brahmins were in caste-based discrimination, every caste has discriminated against the people of lower caste in the social hierarchy. Although, its true that there was a discrimination, the Brahmins are the same people who preserve ancient Indian literature and languages from past 5000 years which today makes proud us an Indians and Hindus, the Greeks, Egyptians, Persians all lost their ancient culture but we are still here attached to our ancient roots. Now, with the reservation at full implementation and literacy rate going quite high, it is quite retarded to even go into Brahminphobia. Brahminphobia only serves the purpose of those who don’t want that Brahmins and Dalits dissolve their caste identity for a single Hindu identity.

brahmin brahmins


Going by whom the Pakistanis attack the most and other religions who claim to be better than Hinduism one can easily infer from the fact why Brahmins are the target of their onslaught. They are going after the juggernaut of Hinduism and they will keep doing it before the Hinduisms with all its lock stock and barrel succumb to their abuse.

An excerpt from what Gandhi Ji had to say about Brahmins while addressing a Dalit delegation.

“Do you think you will gain anything by becoming non-Hindus, he told them, do not think you will gain anything by abusing, Brahmins or burning their homes. Who were Tilak, Gokhale, Ranade and Agarkar? he asked them. They were Brahmins, they were in the forefront of every nationalist struggle, they served the cause of non-Brahmins at the greatest cost to themselves, it is in many cases through the work of Brahmins that the non-Brahmins have been made aware of their rights, he told them. It is the Brahmins who exert for the uplift of the depressed classes, more than anybody else. Lokmanya Tilak is revered by all classes for his services to the country. The late Mr. Gokhale, Mr. Ranade and the Honourble Mr. Sastri have all done splendid work for the regeneration of the backward classes. You complain of the Brahmin bureaucracy. But let us compare it with the British bureaucracy. The latter follow the divide and rule policy and maintains its authority by the power of the sword, whereas, the Brahmins have never restored to the force of arms and they have established their superiority by sheer force of their intellect, self-sacrifice, and penance. I appeal to my non-Brahmins brethren not to hate the Brahmin and not to be victims of the snares of the bureaucracy.”

Yes, without Brahmin there would be no Hinduism.

– Satish Mylavarapu

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  1. Brahmins like Jews were persecuted. it always happens. when some body stops the mind warfare, he has to be eliminated first. But Brhamins stood for Truth and Justice or for that matter who ever stands by Truth and Justice will be persecuted by man a,but protected by God/

    • Brahmins always declared that they were even superior than GOD. Let me remind you, Ravana was a Vedpathi Brahmin. Parashuram massacred Kshtriyas 21 times. They criminalized larger section of humanity for their own benefit and put all the blames on God. In the post vedic history Brahmin Shung betrayed the Mauryan Dynasty and beheaded the last emperor. Shankaracharya and his goons destroyed Nalanda university and completely decimated present-day Magadh area.
      Then epics were not written by any Brahmin. Ramayan was written by a shudra VALMIKI, Bharat Geeta by Ved Vyas (Krishn Dvaipayan) . Brahman wrote only Purana to twist the saying of God’s to support the leadership of Brahmins.
      When we talk about Gokhale and LBS, we should also talk about Rajendra Prasad, Subhash Bose, Patel, Kamran, Bhagat Singh, M D Gandhi, Ambedkar, Shivaji, Lakshmibaee.

      India should value it’s recent history along with its epics. All castes have contributed to present day India. For example Bheels of Rajputana, Sarthak of Jharkhand etc.

      • Some contradictions to your crap thoughts-
        Parshuram’s wife was kshatriya. He killed ppl not because they were kshatriyas but bcoz they were harassing people.
        Valmiki was not discriminated because of being non-brahmin. Manu, Vyas, lord ram, krishna nobody was brahmin. Btw you talk about Lakshmibai being ignored but she was a brahmin!!!


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