Why Sabarimala is Beyond the Understanding of Abrahmic & Atheist Mindset


Please don’t dig the Sanatan Dharma/ Hinduism deep, actually, no one is interested to understand Ayyappa swami, the Sabarimalai and the issue in breaking the trust and the relationship we are living with our Devatas. No one is interested and would certainly raise queries like why He is Devta? Why is he Brahmachari? Why mensurating women are barred, this is inequality and more like these…

So only a peculiarity of the unfortunate events tied together is enough to get the idea behind the tactics of Break India/ Break Trust/ Belief cabal. From time immemorial (As this is not part of mainstream History books) the Sanatan is going through devastation and strikes on its Belief system which are actually it’s Memory, tradition, and Heritage (Shruti/ Parampara).


Actually, the Abrahamic religions do not have a golden past or tradition, that’s why they don’t want to remember or rather publicize their past (Refer movies like Agora), The terror created was repeated many times by different branches of Abrahamic branches at different times. What Christians did with Romans, the same Muslims doing with Christians or whoever other than them. Sabarimala issue is not the first time that the temples, libraries, Universities, monuments are being destroyed, the same was done by Christians earlier.

The easiest way to destroy a well settled and advanced society is to hide your real motto under wraps and work towards finding the gaps, cracks, and cleavages and try to widen these. This could be done first by hidden agenda when they don’t have power and then use force, critique, pseudo logic in the shape of Scientific logics.

What is Science by the way? In the world, Whatever has been discovered scientifically there is much more which is not yet discovered/ proved. Turmeric was a Tantrik/ uneducated villager’s myth which now not miraculously but Scientifically heals the wounds (It is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-Sceptic, all good words….no….?). But before getting it scientifically proven, was turmeric any different earlier? Wasn’t it healing wounds and good for health? But your belief was broken first and you were proven wrong first and then they claim that see this is the thing which you don’t know.

The very same way all your beliefs should be broken first to disintegrate your society and culture. Really they don’t care whether it is good or bad but the intentions are different which is to break your belief and produce a feeling of hate among the followers. Some so-called progressive people from the same community group would catch that up and oppose their own culture and belief and support the pseudo “Scientific” knowledge. The Science of superlative degree is always a miracle to an illiterate, and that is what happens to pseudoscientists as well.

Women fighting for Sabarimala

This is happening in the areas of Mathematics, History, Knowledge of Arts, Architecture and everywhere else. If today you say the knowledge of all these subjects were at a high point earlier, then Abrahamic propaganda would be defeated and if you let the masses know that we had the glorious past they would become more confident and successful in their lives. So the way is to create and publicize this pseudo-knowledge of all these subjects. That’s why when you ask a school going kid “Are there Dolphins in the Ganges?” or “Were there Dinasour eggs found in India?” or “Are there extreme building architectures in India?” he would look at you as you are an alien.

So that is why Al-Junayd destroyed the Somnath and was later destroyed many more times by others. That’s why Ayodhya is destroyed by Meer Baaki, That’s why Brahmins and other casts were killed and converted, their Yagyopaveet were destroyed. That’s why Akbar is “The Great” and Maharana is still Rana Pratap. That’s why Qutub Minar was built by Qutab-Ud-Din-Aibak and some others with Great Shershah Suri and the Iron Piller is non-descript. That is the same reason why “Hello” is good then “Namaste” and Brahmin is always dim-witted malpractitioner and Thakur is always tyrannical. There was Sati Pratha in Bharat but there was no “Joan of Arc“, there were Devdasi’s in India but as there were voting rights to women in the west. You are actually getting fed all these “Scientific” knowledge by the same Break India/ Break Trust/ Belief cabal through different media like TV, Newspaper, “Intellectual” Magazines, Movies and by other many more ways.

The same goes with the Sabarimala today. In Sabarimala, that’s not the temple or Devta’s purity destroyed but your belief was broken brazenly. Now if you understand the ways of their working, oppose the equality fad which is unnatural and a severe lie to break your belief, which still has the power to integrate and Kumbh is the living proof.

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