Why Should Discontented Nationalists Not Press NOTA?

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NOTA has been incrementally brewing an approval from disenchanted Savarna Hindus who are visibly miffed with the appeasement policies of the BJP over the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act, 2018 besides other reasons. BJP in its quintessential trademark of stupidity went ahead to overturn the SC judgment and cemented the Act in Schedule IX of the constitution, thus rendering it impervious from judicial review in future.

BJP/RSS in their overenthusiasm for ‘equitable-harmonial cultural nationalism’ leave no stone unturned to alienate their core vote bank consistently. To much chagrin, their concept of nationalism has diverged from its original idea and now rests upon the shoulders of Gandhi-B.R. Ambedkar.

Having incorporated additional 25 charges in the SC/ST Act besides squashing the court judgment in the first place, BJP/Modi are hell bent to deviate conscientious Hindus from their endeavor to contribute to Bhārtiya resurgence, harmonious instigate them to start squabbling amongst themselves on critical issues.

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But does this continuous idiocy of BJP/Moodie need to be countered by treading a dangerous territory in the form of NOTA? Suffice it to say that margin of victory and loss on numerous seats is going to be narrow, and a growing approval for NOTA especially in North and Central India is going to change the dynamics on several seats that were crucial in providing the 2014 mandate. Maha-thug-endeavor parties will be the biggest beneficiaries because none of the dhimmi Hindu, Muslim, Missionary, Ambedkarite, Leftist voter is going to press NOTA. In fact, NOTA will be the cherished catalyst for the caste arithmetics of the Maha-Thug-Bandhan in their attempt to restrict BJP/Modi around 200 seats.

Sonia Gandhi will be more ruthless than ever before once she returns back. Expect unfettered foreign funding excess to banned NGO’s, systemic injunction of leftists and jehadis in the legislature, executive, judiciary as well as journalism, activism, universities. A single compromised judicial appointment keeps influencing things for decades, so one must get ready for several more. The destruction of Modi brand will take away the TRP greedy media to the feet of the proponents of Marxism/Secularism.

Social Media will witness a bona fide crackdown on dissenting RW Hindus. Several Hindu organizations and charitable trusts will have a worse time. Rohingyas will be admitted with subterfuge, NRC would be obfuscated and perhaps stopped by nefarious ways. Cases of Love jehad/Cow Slaughter which I refer to as the twin-social balance sheet problem will escalate manifold.

It’s imperative to understand that the Maha-thug-bandhan will look out for policies that have the capability to permanently alter the narrative in their favor, and the evil will come down harsher than it had in 2004. It will impede the chances of young, brilliant minds to enter the policy-making corridors of this country to infuse fresh ideas and actions on economy, R&D and the fourth industrial revolution. The enemy will consolidate its tentacles in unprecedented ways.

The hopeful images of RamNavami celebrations in places like Bengal, Kerala, NE will suffer a blow, and everyone will suffer through many permutations and combinations of Maha-thug-bandhan policies. Notwithstanding the ruin of macroeconomic framework, fiscal mismanagement, slump in growth and investment riddled with perennial corruption will become the norm of the day.

Only a fool of the highest order would imagine that petrol will become cheap under MTB (Maha-thug-bandhan) magically unless oil prices reduce. Moreover the same fool will imagine clean energy target of 175GW being met by 2022 or India’s geostrategic, double-digit and soft power situation improving under the MTB.

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The danger is real and not exaggerated because it will take the Queen Bee much more to choke a post 2019 India than a post-2004 one, and so the evil being stringent is not a figment of imagination by an stretch. Coming to the crux of the issue, there is no chance that SC/ST Act will be amended yet again by the Congress lobby. They’ll be occupying themselves with the issue of providing all sorts of reservations to all Bandhan of supposed victim groups.

Incidentally, there is a section of people who have declared that they will press NOTA because reservations haven’t been scrapped yet. Did you seriously amuse yourself with the idea of a reservation free India by 2019 delivered by BJP, back in 2014? As far as I remember, everyone just wanted to kick the Congress out and those everyone was merely 31%. Let’s not even go there. These arguments are self-defeating.

BJP collapsing and Maha-Thug-Bandhan ascending the throne will provide zilch to our cause. It will bestow the MTB with the power to set the agenda and occupy the people of this country with emergency measures of defense rather than congregating and being offensive.

A pragmatic way to approach the problem is by organizing and coming out on the streets against the appeasement policies of the BJP/RSS, ensuring that the Congress lobby is deterred equally hard.

Catchphrases are the single most effective instrument during elections. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and #AbkiBaarModiSarkar are iconic catchphrases and if carefully implanted, catchphrases like #ModiTuMajbooriHai#LastChanceToModi#ModihatesHindus can become ubiquitous. These and other similar/better catchphrases can submerge social media right till the elections if heavily pushed.

People should erect hoardings of the posters having these catchphrases, and bombard BJP Netas and legislatures with their woes before the elections. Indeed it is desirable to lose state elections if teaching a lesson to BJP/Modi is indispensable rather than losing 2019.

56 Inchendra’s rallies can be hijacked with protests from Savarna Hindus against the appeasement policies of the BJP/RSS. The media loves Moodie for TRP but hates him otherwise and so targeting the rallies of the ‘Sanskrit defiler’ Moodie with protests will create a much-needed storm.

Similarly, all BJP CM’s including Adityanath Yogi should be bombarded with these protests. Social groups who are otherwise planning and instigating NOTA should organize themselves and hijack the events of BJP CM’s and ministers. The same should be done with Congress lobby and Rahul Gandhy. In fact, RamLeela Maidan in Delhi should be the host of a grand protest against the appeasement ingrained in Indian polity.

Therefore, a pointless NOTA will be damaging to the overall cause endeavor in 2019. There is no civil war coming in 2020, everyone would just be witnessing the abysmal Tokyo 2020 reeling under the effects of double-digit inflation in the Maha-Thug-Bandhan rule. The question of NOTA becomes more prominent after 2019 if BJP continues with more such drastic policies rather than embarking on a course correction.

The truth is that BJP/RSS/Modi have terribly failed everyone and more radical alternative to them is needed. But let that not deter you from the fact that your real enemies are secularism, postmodernism, feminism. These will prove far more destructive to humanity than SC/ST Act will.

The Hindu resurgence will find a hospitable environment under the mental emasculation of BJP rather than the outright hostility of the Marxist-Mullah-Missionary nexus of the world, which remains your primary, endeavor and ultimate enemy.

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